Magnus Beats Hikaru In 0 Moves

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  1. Hikaru; master of the premove
    Magnus; master of pre-pre move

  2. He got outplayed befor the game even began😂

  3. POV When I watch one game of chess: ok ima watch a vid to how to play chess after a while I still lose 😂😂😂

  4. How did he draw a game without even playing?

  5. He made a draw then how the hell won with a move

  6. Hikaru tried to pre move Magnus but instead got pre pre moved

  7. Magnus predicting hikaru trying to predict magnus

  8. chess is now more than a board game – it's a brain game

  9. Bro Magnus is tbe the only exception where an Asian isn't better than you

  10. Magnus now playing high Stakes poker successfully, along with Alex Botez they the new wave poker young guns.

  11. Hikaru has got to be sick of Magnus now! First he turns up late and wins then he doesn’t move a piece and wins. 😂

  12. Magnus: "I outsmarted your outsmarting"

  13. What I understand from this video:

    Read more…

  14. can someone explain me… i don't get it

  15. Bro hikaru saw mate in 2 moves that's why he resigned

  16. Never outshine the master
    – Robert Greene 48 laws of power

  17. Magnus acts like a goofball which makes lot of people think he's only good at chess and otherwise just a normal guy, the guy could become a professional psychologist if he wanted

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