Magnus Carlsen Checkmates Bill Gates in just 12 seconds

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, billionaire and philantropist, faced off against the World Chess Champion – Magnus Carlsen during the talkshow “Skavlan” in 2014, recorded in a studio in London. Carlsen started with 30 seconds on his clock, and Gates with 2 minutes – by the time he’d win the game, Carlsen would only up 12 of those seconds!
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  1. Bill panicked. I think @1:03 he should've moved his bishop from D3 to B5 putting Mangus in Check. That would've at least made him retreat a bit. Magnus would've most likely moved his pawn down to block the bishop and instead of retreating Bill would move his D2 pawn 2 spaces up being able to take Mangus's knight never giving his queen the opening to move down and win the game. Bill would lose his Bishop and Mangus would lose his knight. With Bill's queen now free to move he could move her to D4 putting Magnus's second knight at risk forcing him to retreat with no other offensive moves.

  2. Magnus carlson looks like he shoots kids after stealing methlamyne from a train

  3. Bill entered his villain arc with COVID after that 😂

  4. Bill Gates actually is pretty good at Chess too.

  5. Knowing magnus he was probably pissed he got tricked into a chess game mid interview so he just destroyed him real quick to get it over with

  6. God Bill Gates is like a 600 rated chess player lmao

  7. next video idea:

    undercover hitman hired by Bill Gates beats Magnus Carlsen to unconsciousness in just 11 seconds.

  8. People in the audience laughing after each move as if any of them have any idea what’s going on.

  9. Bill Gates doesn't have smarts in Chess. Or maybe he plays on apps too much.

  10. "..and I took it personally so I'm trying to wipe out humanity"

  11. first move of Gates is this one of a beginner

  12. So this is why my Windows never worked properly…

  13. I think it speaks loudly that the most amount of time wasted in a single go by Carlsen was not to think a move, but to place his pieces correctly.

  14. F that rich cant. He should be in jail for crimes against humanity

  15. Av you played minor/major chess scary shit 😂

  16. That D3 Bishop was one of the worst moves I have ever seen in that particular point in time. There was no reason to position it, apart for losing the match.

  17. Bill Gates pocket money outnumbers Magnus Carlson accounts.

  18. Mat 4:9  And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 

    Mat 4:10  Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

  19. It costed Bill Gates $400k to lose in 12 seconds

  20. What the hell is this Disney channel laugh track audience?

  21. Bill must be 400elo haha, so much blunder moves

  22. gave up a better chance to slot the computer wanker when he had the chance

  23. Noone seems to realize that Gates is just an idiot

  24. Bill Gates doesn’t play chess, and didn’t spend 20+ years competitively playing chess. Are we surprised Magnus beat him so quickly? Bills not a fucking chess player

  25. Bill Gates actually was up +4.0 advantage until he took the knight and hung mate in one.

  26. People act like chess is a measure of general intelligence and not a specific skill

  27. if you think this is impressive then wait until I upload the video of me destroying David Blaine on tony hawks pro skater 3

  28. Bill prly went home after this and tortured some 3rd world kids

  29. For those who are wondering, the "12 seconds" refer to the total time it took Magnus to make all of his own moves according to the chess clock. Gate's moves are counted separately. That's why it's "12 seconds" despite the video being over a minute.

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