Magnus Carlsen Is Human?!

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  1. As a 1300 i am relieved magnus also makes blunders 😭😭

  2. this blew my mind… Magnus makes me realise that compared to some people i'm as smart as a chimp banging rocks together, it's amazing to see he is as human as the rest of us and how fallible we really are.

  3. Sometimes, Magnus intentionally blunders to make us believe that he's human 😶

  4. Magnus is disguising himself as a human by that blunder.

  5. No way he called it the Botaz gambit 😭😭😭

  6. yea he prolly was aiming to take the knight first then pawn, but somehow forgot it lol

  7. U know I love my botez gambit even told Magnus about it
    Looks like he likes it

  8. "ok let's try this one, how do knights move?"

  9. botez gambit it's just to popular that even magnus play it

  10. Now I am proud of Myself……Blundering Queen like Mangoose did….

  11. H̤e̤ f̤o̤r̤g̤o̤t̤ t̤o̤ c̤a̤p̤t̤ṳr̤e̤ t̤h̤e̤ k̤n̤i̤g̤h̤t̤ w̤i̤t̤h̤ b̤i̤s̤h̤o̤p̤.̤.̤.̤😂
    M̤o̤r̤a̤l̤ :̤ ̤w̤h̤e̤n̤ y̤o̤ṳ c̤a̤l̤c̤ṳl̤a̤t̤e̤ t̤h̤e̤ f̤ṳt̤ṳr̤e̤ m̤o̤v̤e̤ .̤.̤t̤h̤e̤n̤ y̤o̤ṳ m̤i̤s̤s̤ t̤h̤e̤ p̤r̤e̤s̤e̤n̤t̤ m̤o̤v̤e̤😅

  12. And it is this moment, where Magnus was at the same level as my playing.

  13. I once did similar blunder, you think so deeply that you forget how the pieces move xD.

  14. Sometime he has to make blunders otherwise they will know his true identity👽

  15. Apperently, Dude needs to learn how chess pieces move?

  16. He forgot that he is on planet earth and not on K-pax 17 as knight on that particular place moves in a Z pattern and not L. Good luck with your next Martian speed chess championship

  17. proof that even the best makes mistakes, so when u make a mistake dont go to hard on urself 😉

  18. Believe it or not Magnus intentionally did it and then made face like that so that it doesn’t look he did it on purpose coz that would hurt Ian’s self respect.

  19. The magnus I know would play on and give the opponent queen ops

  20. Yeah when you put your mind to complete other things this happens

  21. Bro can play GM's blindfolded, and forgot about that knight

  22. Once a legend said
    A knight moves like an L but in intense situations it can move like a W

  23. I thought magnus had that "big chin" filter at first lol

  24. Nepo is like how is this guy the world chess champion 😂

  25. The crazy thing is he can actually afford this cuz he is up so many games

  26. Don't be fooled. The Alien Federation advised him to slip up and act human.

  27. What are you telling me next? That Hikaru isn't a chess engine?!

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