Magnus Forced to Answer Tough Personal Questions 🌶️

We got the GOAT, Magnus Carlsen, to finally sit down under the lights to do a round of Lie Detector Chess with none other than his best friend and grandmaster, David Howell.

Produced by Askild Bryn and Jakob Aavik
Polygraph Test Administrated By Ørjan Hesjedal
Edited by Vladimir Isaenko

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  1. Most of the times the results from the polygraph are inconclusive so the guy just makes up an answer for entertainment purposes

  2. This would be more interesting if lie detector test were actually accurate. Still fun to watch though!

  3. Polygraphs are unreliable junk btw so don't take this too seriously

  4. It amazes me that people don't see how autistic Magnus is😮

  5. this is all time favorite magnus video

  6. Someone needs to link me Magnus' sweater! I'd love one of those 😅

  7. i think that lie detector is not working.. No way he wouldnt beat Nakamura in Chessboxing

  8. Yo chess is the best game ever i always rage when i lose when i win i love chess more 😅

  9. magnus is never letting that junior game go xDDD

  10. Hans Niemann, bring Hans Niemann. I want him here.

  11. tbf even a fake lie detector can be used to make people say the truth

  12. David is the nicest guy ever. Definitely my favorite commentator.

  13. Is there anyone you really don’t like in the top ten?
    Hmmmm, I wonder who tf that could be 🤷‍♂️

  14. I'd like to thank the sponsor, GothamChess, for making this possible.

  15. “I’ve never like, wet my pants during a game, or anything…”
    “🗣️ THAT’S A LIE”

  16. David is just Magnus's best friend!

  17. I don't deeply follow Chess but this was an amazing video. Watching 2 intellectuals tied up to a lie detector test being blunt and honest, it was hilarious. I liked that they didn't hold off with weak questions and really asked hard hitting stuff with fun questions. I also would respect Magnus much, much less if he answered "No" to not resenting him or not thinking he's the GOAT. When you reach the 0.001% strata of enough competitive field with males, if you don't have that mindset, you will never become a multigenerational talent like Magnus. Eg: Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Magnus, etc. These people are *obsessed*.

  18. Magnus still obviously the goat. Entertaining stuff.

  19. I reconciled with Magnus. And want to reward him. He's a champ

  20. Magnus’ terminator like reactions to certain questions he knew would elicit a lie were amazing

  21. Lie detector test are not accurate and they surely dont tell that what you are hoping for. Nor does it tell that you care on not.

  22. This was awesome and very interesting! More of this please, and please invite Kramnik and Niemann 😀

  23. what happened in gibraltar with david howell

  24. Bro told that gukesh Is better than world champion

  25. Bravo Mastu, tu as réussi à rendre ton concept mondial👏

  26. So are magnus richer than hikaru and levy combined?

  27. The one question everybody wants to know ' have you ever cheated in a chess game'

  28. Came to know stuff about Magnus, leaving after getting to know Howell too well

  29. Polygraphs are not reliable and not admissible to court. It's pseudoscience.

  30. Carlsen starting to enter the Gordon Ramsey arc.

  31. Did your man literally just said “Kinkiest thing I have done in a while” while the polygraph expert was putting on the detectors around him??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 HAHAHAHAHAH

  32. Person: hesitates
    Lie detector guy: he hesitated.

    Person: breathes
    Lie detector guy: he breathed.

  33. That was far more awesome than most chess content. amazing to get real insights, instead of drawing them from what they do.

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