Magnus is called GOD of ENDGAME for a Reason | Pragg vs Carlsen | World Cup 2023 Finals

World no.1 Magnus Carlsen plays a fantastic endgame, and takes down Praggnanandhaa in the first 25+10 Rapid tiebreak game with the Black pieces.

Praggnanandhaa is in a must-win situation with Black in the next game to level the scores and force further tiebreaks!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. How he lose can anyone explain. Can't he put king on the left.

  2. Its just a beggining all the best Pragg 😀

  3. That would be panful to endure. To slowly get squeezed with clock pressure.

  4. Why magnus is the goat
    1) played the world cup while suffering from food poisoning .
    2) final opponent child prodigy pragg just like jiraya and Naruto.
    3) he didn't give up.

  5. I didn't got why prag resign can anyone tell me?

  6. England win hahaha… Poor indian .. go home 🏡👍😎

  7. Queen move was fast and not required.

  8. Why Pragg moved that horse to trade with Mag's horse?

  9. Trade smart, play bold, Khiladi Exchange takes hold!"

  10. The new talent in the history of chess of India, only 18 years old grandmaster of Tamil Nadu❤

  11. Is this a loss or draw…why did he end the game.

  12. He missed so many opportunities under pressure… technically he was ahead of first half but he forget his way in last 10 minutes…but still a great achievement of debutant who is just 18 and become the runner up in his first attempt at world chess competition……👍👍👍

  13. I feel pragg should sit on elevated chair..this will make playing game more comfortable for him

  14. It's like playing with big brother 😹 no matter what you'll still lose.
    Both are awesome tho.

  15. Congratulations Pragg. So happy to see you taking India to another level!!! 🧿🇮🇳

  16. Praggananda will become world champion one day for sure

  17. 18 year old stopped Carlsen in classic game 😲😲Well done Pragg

  18. what is the meaning of putting the king at the center?

  19. Well in many ways Mr. CARLSEN is a God – at least best practical player ever!

  20. I like that India has so many great players already India deserve only the Great Anand but more however Norwegia still has the best of the best of the best of best called Magnus Carlsen!

  21. Hwa Kasuti Bana di chote bhai NY…❤❤❤

  22. The moment for India …proud of you❤❤

  23. Whats the role of that clock type thing can anyone tell me ??

  24. Can someone explain the ending? How did Prag lose?

  25. Pragg ne mistake कर दी वहा उसका हाथी और राजा पर चेक कर देता घोड़े से हाथी मार लेता pragg

  26. i dont understood how he win last moveee anyone explain plss

  27. I don't understand the game i mean the game is not over why prag was defeated

  28. out of 19 games with each other magnus won 8 times against pragg and pragg only won 5 times against magnus and 6 draws. so Magnus is already a 🐐

  29. Pragy has got very bright future, he is future champion for sure!! Next time when Magnus meets Pragg , then surely he will loose..

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