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  1. "if i dont win, i dont want my opponent win either" -magnus

  2. That's basic in chess-it's a draw if the color of the queening square does not match your bishop's color.

  3. If you cannot win, take your opponent's win and cut it in half

  4. I think he just noticed that he can trade all his pieces, be left against that pawn, then hide in the corner to prevent the corner pawn from pushing. Less like calculation, more like sensibility.

  5. How is it unwinnable
    Black moves bishop anywhere ,white has to move king either by killing pawn or anywhere but ether king or pawn will kill it.

  6. Why are we celebrating he got a draw. We should be happy for the enemy since he got a draw against the goat

  7. Magnus Carlsen has Advanced Observation Haki😂

  8. I hate that stalemates exist, if someone can't move, that sounds like a loss to me

  9. I mean… in an endgame, that's not too hard to do

  10. A time machine is fitted in the Magnus 's brain😱

  11. which goat tied with him 💀

  12. It is so simple to see it is a draw h or an a pawn can’t promote a queen we all know that. And the bishop is a dark square bishop. Bishop can’t force king to leave the promotion square.

  13. He’s from the future. Used a technology like we saw in Tenet.

  14. I don't think he saw that many moves ahead, he just knew that's a wrong colour bishop. If black had a white bishop they'd win

  15. Why is this not a check mate if the white king can’t move anymore ?

  16. Actually it's really simple what Magnus did and Levy knows that😂

  17. Reports sent in to the devs, will nerf in approximately “when he dies”

  18. magnus is so good they had to nerf him to only 30 moves

  19. Actually a simple endgame trick. I got a video on it too 🙂

  20. I don't know how many times I need to tell you, but the perfect loop, no matter how hard you try, doesn't exi-

  21. Bro has observation hoki mastered normally it’s only three seconds into the future, but he saw 30 moves into the future. How many seconds is that?

  22. Everytime u understand magnus, you are fooling urself. 🗿🗿

  23. Let's be honest, I also saw that coming when I accepted his trade.

  24. Opponent: magnus you are loosing.
    Magnus: winning is not my priority.

  25. This is why Magnus Carlson is the goat of chess

  26. he saw this 30 moves before while it took me 30 mins to process what the hell was happening after it was revealed

  27. "Somebody nerf this man!"
    -Lemne call God real quick.

  28. I fuckin did this literally 10 minutes ago after i blundered whilst castling and moved king c1 instead of b1 💀

  29. Bro just casually said “Magnus was losing” without showing us why

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