Mittens vs. Mittens: INSANE CHESS

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  1. If you think mittens is better you’re actually dumb mittens totally won that game

  2. i wish mittens was back 🙁

  3. That’s why kids, never underestimate the pawn just because of their limited movements

  4. That’s why kids, never underestimate the pawn just because of their limited movements

  5. i think mittens is WAY better then mittens, i mean look at mittens, he makes it look so easy, other then MITTENS he made his stucture good at start, but kind of lost it, so i think Mittens won, mittens was good tho, Mittens def got the W

  6. The second match was the most amazing game of chess I've ever seen.

  7. personally, I think mittens actually won instead, I know, crazy theory.

  8. Mittens is too powerful, then u PUT TWO OF IT IN THE SAME GAME!? You madman, they will destroy the fabric of the universe!!!

  9. Oh your right I just realised only now In 2023 I like chess

  10. 16:33
    "Bishop G5 check. If you are looking at that move and thinking "that's a free bishop" You'd right!… And then queen D3 and you're mated basically on the next move, congratulations."
    That made me laugh, because I was thinking the exact thing he said and then he just revealed that doing so is check mate. Shows how much he knows compared to me. Ha ha. XD

  11. once again stockfish showed its superiority. it said mate in 16 but mittens couldnt find it

  12. I feel that mittens actually won instead of mittens

  13. what if, some idiot savant managed to beat it by accident due to not knowing conventional chess tactics

  14. the truth is: the white race proved its superiority today

  15. I think that mittens won, but at the same time, mittens also played really well

  16. Let's say a person was actually able to be so great at Chess, they routinely beat Stockfish highest engine rating.

    Should that person be allowed to compete at tournaments?

  17. sometimes i listen to levys voice bouncing off the walls and wonder what his neighbours must think

  18. Is it me or when chess online was released all of the teenager now has a liking in chess

  19. cant believe mittens won against mittens

    was completely rooting for mittens but got let down

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