MOUNT MOONSPELL! – Vampire Survivors (4-Player Gameplay)

Stumpt plays Vampire Survivors Co-op! A gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you!
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  1. 14:50 Jazzy's fatigue is indicative of her endocrine system being in top notch! Basically, when the body is damaged the brain releases several hormones in response. Some of these are the message chemicals to kick the immune response into gear, but others are Feel Good endorphins to dull the sense of pain and send you into Rest And Heal mode. Basically, Jazzy's body is exceptionally good at communicating with itself, resulting in higher pain tolerance! Just another way people range in experience of life depending on a massive range of factors, many completely invisible due to it being on the cellular scale. I think it's p neat

  2. If you're looking for a new Bullet Heaven, might I recommend Brotato. Absolutely love that one.

  3. 25:00 is that guy called CUTS and he has a giant sword…? Is it a berserk reference? Kinda sus

  4. you can pass an item to another player, it's on the right side with reroll, banish etc.

  5. Oh boy have I been waiting for th- oh wait someone already said it.

  6. I have been waiting for this , totally not copyright😮😮

  7. 42:10 that was a wave spawn from timer hitting 11 minutes as they literally spawn right then also I think big skeleton was boss guardian of samurai sword.

  8. This is incredible! All the unlocked characters makes me want to see more of what all of them can do, this is so fun to watch ☺

  9. Oh boy I'm not going to copy those other comments.

  10. The egg cant be evolved yet, but its evolution is soon to come

  11. A new death spawns every minute after the map is done, but if there are no deaths on screen, ultra death spawns

  12. that sword is the Night sword. Becomes Muramasa when evolved. High damage, life stealing but you lose hp overtime.

  13. Title says 4 player just fyi to whoever edit- never mind my bad, hadn’t finished the video

  14. The special characters (Panda, Skeleton, Dog, Ambrojoe, etc) don't have normal evolutions. Some of them don't even evolve yet.

    You may or may not have run across the evolution of the Skeleton in this video.

  15. You can skip chest opening animations by hitting Escape. It "unlocks" after you've opened a few.

  16. might be wrong since I haven't played this game in a while. On the first stage, the laurel and lancet combo item is not available on that map. it should be available in all other map tho

  17. Ash almost has all the characters he just missing one characters and that playable death, all I have to say for him is good luck getting death, cause you can only get him if you kill death that come after 30 minutes once you kill death you unlock him as a playable characters

  18. The Metaglios and rings unlock from the yellow sign. They don't show up in Capella Magna until you beat every color death and the special boss. 30 minute death not included

  19. Even if Aenne is not there, look in the background to the right in the starting menu😂😂 there in soul😂

  20. you should put in the spell "spinnn" in the spells menu if you can, its fun : )

  21. FYI, The huge wave of red/yellow Ogres was caused by a unique enemy spawn condition on the DLC maps. (Ogres? I don't remember the enemy name)

    I'm not sure if you consider it a spoiler, but here's how I understand it:

    In certain locations, on certain ground types on the DLC maps, any enemy spawn will be replaced by a specific type of enemy. eg. any tile inside the upper mountain caves of Mt. Moonspell will be replaced by the ogres.
    These enemies do not scale properly with your level, so most of them will be very difficult early on.
    Their spawn rate is entirely determined by the current wave, and the enemies they're replacing. The 11 min wave is a huge wave of weak enemies, but the mountain was replacing them all with ogres.
    These enemies can drop more XP then typical enemies, so in some cases you can exploit this for more XP if you can kill them quickly enough.
    It is not the tile your character is standing on, but the tile the enemy spawns on that determines this replacement. So, typically the tiles just outside the borders of the screen.

  22. Quick tip. If you spam the Esc button when you're opening a chest, it pretty much skips the whole animation. So no mods needed for that 🙂

  23. I think to unlock the passive you must grab it one and raise it to max lev…

  24. appreciate all this vs content we been getting 🙂

  25. I think the ogres mass spawned cause of the 11 min mark, maybe at 11 min there will be a massive enemy spawn and when in the mountain area ogre mostly spawn? I know that on the dlc maps some enemies spawn specifically on places in the map. So maybe at 11 mins be at an area where weaker enemies spawn.

    Edit: also the big sword price got can be upgraded by taking the armor passive and fully upgrading the armor passive not the weapon itself, if I remember it right most of the dlc weapons get upgraded witb the passive item maxed not the weapon itself.

  26. Poe is probably my favorite character, so I'm right there with Jazz always picking him. Just a note, Empty Tome helps his Garlic, the faster activation time you get from it includes the damage ticks of the Garlic, meaning it procs the damage faster and thus increases DPS. That's why I tend to always go for Magic Wand when I play, because it needs Tome, and I'm taking that anyway.

  27. You can only unlock the red heart is by completing the stage using the knife guy

  28. Not played this myself yet but it looks like u need to get curse lvled with how slow your lvlinf

  29. There is a character that is unlocked by playing the piano, there's a bunch more steps though so be prepared for the chaos of the secret characters. Also the dlc characters evolve with passives from their specific maps, the moonspell characters evolve with the ones from the mountain/same for characters in lake focasri(Also to be clear not all weapons evolve)

  30. The dog's full name is "O'Sole Meeo" and it's a pun on a famous Italian song called "O Sole Mio" (Oh, my sun). Pavarotti won an award for singing it. Most of the characters' names are puns/references in Italian, which is pretty cool!

  31. (SPOILERS)

    I think chat was talking about white death which will appear when all red deaths are vanquished.

  32. Note: Yellow Death will change every enemy to “angels” until the “angel” version of it dies

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