MVL Meets Magnus Again! Can MVL’s Sheer Grit Beat The World #1 in Grand Finals? | AI Cup 2023

The inaugural AI Cup is the sixth and last regular season knockout as the race to reach the CCT Finals of this year’s prestigious $2 million tour reaches its climax! Magnus Carlsen, the world number-one and reigning Tour champion, takes center stage in Division I having qualified as winner of the previous leg.

The Champions Chess Tour 2023 (CCT) is a massive chess circuit that includes six events that take place throughout the year and end with live in-person Finals. Featuring the world’s top players and a prize fund of $2,000,000, the CCT is’s biggest event thus far.

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  2. David is such a boring commentator. Dependent on his computer, speaking too much, analyzing primitive positions that he seems to struggle understanding. Doesnt see simpel tactics. Get in Naroditsky, Svidler or something. Please.

  3. I woulda liked to see more of a fight by MC (their first match this tourney was absolutely incredible), but I'm really happy with this result because I want to see more MVL games and now he's going to Toronto. MVL has been on fire lately. I hope he makes a great candidates run as well, seeing attacking chess at the highest level is always so fun.

  4. these talking heads are irritating. Muting them is a game saver.

  5. Why do commentators make excuses for Magnus?

  6. Incredible performance by mvl. Man was on a mission

  7. Maxime was brilliant but that is the worst I have ever seen Magnus play.
    His preparation must have consisted in three mogadons.

  8. Magnus kind of sad he hasnt won everything this year 😀 Congrats to Maxim, hell of a performance!

  9. MVL
    That’s all that comes to mind. 😂😂😂

  10. low level chess of Magnus, i think I really have a big chance to beat him (me=1500)

  11. What if Magnus let MVL win so he can get a spot in Toronto? 🤔

  12. I don't know what other people think, but i have feeling someone lost 2 matches intentionally. Why? You guess.

  13. Gg mvl wasn't the best play from magnus but mvl deserves it

  14. Magnus not winning a single game against a 2700 rated player makes me believe this was rigged 😂

  15. I would watch it without the Indian commentator

  16. MVL advances finally to the first tier of rivals which was vacant

  17. Too many people sleep on MVLs capabilities. With the tactical prowess that he has, he will always be an exceptional opponent even for Magnus and Hikaru.

  18. Why don’t people consider MVL one of the top players in the world? He is so underrated.

  19. What a remarkable match defiantly 1 to remember

  20. Ladies and gentleman we now have a tier1 rival 😂

  21. Magnus fanboys upset and offended he went soft in their mouth.

  22. Fantastic games and great work by the commentating team.

  23. Great play from MVL!

    I have to say I love these commentators! I think it's great to have Kaja there as well, she's very good at asking questions that the audience / those with lesser chess experience would wonder about.

  24. No shit mvl with a win with the black pieces to open? Against Magnus ? Crazy !

  25. Great how mvl stays humble, nice play plus cool attitude

  26. I love this 2 perfect beautiful girls.

  27. Now I can believe how Nihal lost against MVL in SCC

  28. I think for MVL, playing the extra matches helped him stay in the groove. Like in many sports, sometimes a "by" where you skip a round can screw up your rhythm.

  29. *Magnus was praying for a rival.

    MVL: "Sayless"

  30. The fact that if the poll was some sort of bet the one who vote MVL is probably happy fight now. The poll was like 70%magnus 10% mvl 20% draw😅

  31. The problem is the stupid structure of this event: MVL already lost. He shouldn’t be able to come back from a so-called “losers category.”

  32. MVL is so underrated, man, it's delirious. I was telling people in the chat, in the MVL vs. Hikaru match in the semi-finals of the SCC, that he was legit when he was beating Naka. People were just saying that Hikaru was atrocious and would get 'cooked' by Magnus, instead of acknowledging how exceptional Maxime is. Maxime has beaten Magnus often in Speed Chess.

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