My FAVORITE Chess Openings by Rating

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I get many questions about chess openings for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level players. In this video I share what openings I think work best across the rating ladder. London, Stonewall, Sicilian, Caro Kann, and many others are featured.

0:00 Intro
13:29 FOR ADVANCED (LIKE 1800+)

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  1. You’ve taught over 3m people chess openings 😂 congratd

  2. Is king's indian same with pirc defense

  3. I hate the London and I fail to understand why it’s good, for white i just play a theoretical opening with e4

  4. As a beginner of chess, the London System is my favorite as White, and the King's Indian Defense is my favorite as Black. Very easy to understand, and you get a very quick development.

  5. Absolutely love your content. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Levy your the best chess teacher

  7. Many years ago, when I was young and learning to play, I picked up a book by Horowitz and Reinfeld called “How to Think Ahead in Chess.” Probably the best book for my very modest successes as an unrated amateur. For white they recommend the Stonewall, and against e4 they recommend the Sicilian dragon variation. Plus ça change!

  8. I am ten years old and my elo is 1800+

  9. “Who has the advantage? Me, because you're watching my video” 😂😂 good stuff

  10. Ive become better just because of pawn e4 and then queen h5.

  11. His choices are the worst for success. You have to learn to walk before running. The Trompowsky and the Caro-Khan are modern openings. Play classical openings to learn the fondamentals. Build a strong center to learn the game the right way. Even the London is a bad choice for beginners or intermediates. Same thing for the Dutch. Computers don’t play flank openings or concede center for a reason. You shouldn’t too except when advanced to broaden your repertoire.

  12. I am commenting #BringBackDislikes on every unique YouTube video for the rest of 2024, regardless of if I actually dislike the video or not. This is video 245.

  13. London for beginners? that shit kick ass in 2000 or more games

  14. I am a 1500. I really like the idea of the kings Indian. Don’t fight for the Center and then just overwhelm the opponent with a massive attack on the king side. I play it as white and as black. Is it a good idea to keep that going or should I switch to more common openings?
    Greetings from Germany 🫶

  15. Broluh why was I learning Vienna when my Elon is 600. Idk it's just fun cuz no one knows how to counter Vienna at beginner and I just waiting them to blunder

  16. 1000 elo these days play like grandmasters days changed

  17. GM who doesnt take chess seriously: Bongcloud

  18. I'm a 1300 rapid rating, and I absolutely love playing against the Duras gambit. Opponents who have played that against me have no fared very well. I also like playing some that Levy didn't mention, like the Zukertort-Colle system for white, except that I prefer to start it with 1.Nf3 rather than 1.d4. It just transposes the first two moves, but it can often create some uncertainty in my opponent from the first move. I have had a great deal of success with that opening, but be prepared to switch over to the queen's gambit if black interferes with the plan, such as fianchettoing the king's bishop. I rarely play the Spanish, preferring either the Italian or the Scotch. I do like the closed Sicilian if black goes for the Sicilian, and I can play against the Caro-Kann pretty effectively, using either the advance, Panov, or two knights variation. When I played the game as a teenager, I was a big fan of Capablanca. (No, I am not old enough to have followed him during his life.) I will also look at the Trompowsky. It seems like an interesting approach.

    For black, I tend to be a bit tamer, playing the usual e5 and Nc6 against e4. Against d4, I play Nf6, then d5. If my opponent plays the queen's gambit, I favor the Slav defense. I have not explored the Dutch very much, but perhaps I will give it a try, as well as the Catalan.

    As for the mention of Eric Rosen on the Stafford, he also mentions the Ponziani a lot. He seems to like that as well as the Stafford.

  19. (Caro kann) I hate by taste (being serious) this is not a really good opening if you wanna spread your opening like fire I believed it I was new 1 and a half year passes by and I fassed defeated in my classical tournament now finding other to be aggrasive.
    And I can tell you how I got a problem with it so, first the problem is that weak oponents can get a better position (equal position )well good for beginners and certainly biggener only it could highly efect a new player completely new to chess as lack of eafert and weak their all over taking and calculation including tactics I hope you chose wisely and don't make a careless decision not hating the creater nor the opening as I liked it and most of my memories are playing it.

  20. I might be the most unorthodox 1200 ride in chess player ever, I think your openings should change based off your opponents move I think having one or two openings is optimal for long term exploit

  21. The thing with the beginner openings such as London, they "show" you good piece placement but don't teach the importance of crucial squares etc. You really will stay at beginner level unless you move on from these openings

  22. As an ex under1200, i recommend Italian for beginners. I recently had a breakthrough playing the Italian, jumping from 1000 to 1200elo in about a week. If you play the Italian make sure to check out Paul Morphy's magical Italian games and try to replicate them. Tho the magical games are very risky and aggressive, opponents tend to mess up quickly at this level. Someone even cursed me in the chat for being too aggressive😂 (he lost).. good luck

  23. I'm pretty bad in e4 , so I actually play English. Rating 590 from 400 with 65% win rate.

  24. Brand new and on a loosing skid and after watching this I got two wins (one I shouldn’t won but pressed him to rage quite) after using the basic opening and the concepts he said to think about. Lost to a Korean (178) after a fierce battle I resigned and had to go eat!

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