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In this video, I play KungFu Chess and 4-player KungFu Chess — a variant that features chess without turns. Brace yourself for chaos…
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  1. "Watch this, watch this…"

    Hangs Queen :0

  2. '4-way lightning kung fu chess is the new fortnite' 🤣

  3. I am dyslexic, watching this is fun but hurts my brain.

  4. This is mad. I've no idea what is going on. Eric seems to be having fun. I would kind of like to see what sort of whirlwind hikaru would make of this, i feel like it would be properly mad.

  5. Day 11 of translating Eric's titles to Groot: "I am Groot"

  6. this last mate is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  7. LOL!! Watch this watch this watch this! Nooooo!

  8. Eric upon checkmating his opponent for the first time: wooooooooow

  9. I tryed to play, but certain pieces are just stuck. Why?

  10. بازی اساسا غیر واقعی است اما حمله پیاده ای خیلی جالبه

  11. Why is it so satisfying? I think because you actually get to kill the king not just checkmate him

  12. At 8:52, the red bishop takes two pieces in one move! The white pawn moves into the line of the bishop's movement.

  13. This is going to become the new trendy variant

  14. I DID IT from shark videos to CHESS letsGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  15. lol @ bean muncher’s “oh no! my turn order!”

  16. did a white knight just take another white knight?? what was that (10:48)

  17. An important caveat about that body composition fact is that the microbiome cells are generally really small, so while there's a huge number of them they make up less than half a percent of your bodyweight.

  18. The 4 player chess board is too small and allows back rank pieces to attack their neighbor’s back rank, I wonder if this board operates under the rules of the 3 player circular chessboard, otherwise I have no clue.

  19. There should be a game mode called capture the king where it's 4p vs bot, the bot is only one king but is extremely quick

  20. Can't believe Chess is a real time strategy game now.

  21. the play at 4:254:32 is so amazing, I don't think I've ever laughed at chess before but now I definitely have

  22. I'm disappointed that you didn't link to the original site that allowed you to make this content in your description. I disagree with making people googlefu to figure out wtf you were playing.

  23. This needs the sound effects so you just hear all the clicks and clacks from everyone moving at the same time

  24. It’s probably so satisfying as it’s so fast paced but mostly because it’s one of the only variants where you actually take the king and wipe out everything rather than it just being implied by getting mate

  25. LOL love how chaotic is a chess match when you don't need to wait your oponent's turn to move

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