Neuro Is The MOST Toxic Chess Player

Neuro -sama here

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  1. Chess would be so much more entertaining if the players treated it like a league or COD in 2012 game, lol.
    Neuro onto something.

  2. Imagine letting an AI get to you!!!!!!
    You couldn't have thinner skin!

  3. Ralph Wiggum: "Stop stop they're already deaaaad!"

  4. As amusing as it kind of is to see Neuro so mouthy and trash-talky during this, especially with some quite amusing insults and especially when she's clearly losing, I hope that this gets tweaked for the future. I worry that if someone new to the stream (or someone who found themselves facing her on the website and then went to go visit her Twitch page), they would think that someone just coded up an AI to hurl random insults. I worry newcomers will see this as boring or uncreative, or worse: coming across as mean-spirited and spiteful. When we all know that Neuro-sama is a lot more than just what is shown in these clips or in this stream.

  5. Neuro shit talking sounds like a mobile game ad

  6. This is what happens when Vedal feeds her.

  7. 1:00 in and already why the fuck is she so aggressive what did Vedal do to her.

  8. Jeez why is she being so mean? I hope Vedal is able to tone her down a bit.

    Thank you for the highlights though!

  9. Lmao she gets so toxic that she can bypass her filter with her saltiness.

  10. I guess the AI is salty that they cannot experience life as a human and is vent their frustrations out. I also could be overthinking.

  11. Now, imagine when Evil plays chess…. Good Lord have mercy of us!

  12. I want to see her do the “en passant”

    Edit: 2:50 omg she did it!!

  13. 4:44 She's right. Her father (tutel vedal) talks mad smack when he's playing games, including simple ones like snakes & ladders.

    Like father like daughter.

  14. Now I want a Hikaru x Neurosama stream where they shittalk each other

  15. Did she just said "calm your tits" ??
    That's very Vedal-like of her.
    She's learning guys

  16. Only true gigachads promote their pawns to anything else than a queen!

  17. "I'm about to destroy you like the script of attack on titan."

  18. While it is pretty cool Vedal let her play against viewers, I did not like how it was done, that whoever clicked the link in chat first got the match. This disadvantages those who have high delay due to their location. Also, it favors people who can script this kind of action to click the link faster than a human could, in fact, I ended up learning JavaScript during the stream and writing a script, which didn't work, presumably because I am also affected by high delay.
    I think it would be more fair to randomly select an opponent from a list of challengers, for example with lichess's challenge system.

  19. "I'm going to checkmate you so quickly that you will think you're playing against a child" she really knows chess lmao

  20. Bruh, not even cod6 (OG MW2) players talked this much shit back in the day…. Vedal is a good dad

  21. Will she be able to defeat Monika in doki doki literature club mod version after story :)))

  22. What does she know about the 22nd of November 2028??

  23. Who would win between her and AI Napoleon (DougDoug's streams)?

  24. She just said “salam alaykum bro” lmao

  25. “You are the worst player I’ve ever seen” she calmly said to 90% of opponents.

  26. Bro what the fuck did Vedal do to her AI? Did he specifically program Neuro to shittalk her opponent? 😅😂😂

  27. Screw skynet Neuro Sama is the real threat . . . Where are you, John Conner? The end is Nigh

  28. It is the mixture of gaslighting and toxicity that makes me love Neuro.

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