NEVER LOSE in the Opening (5 Key Opening Principles)

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NEVER LOSE in the Opening | 5 Opening Principles

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  1. What about bird's opening
    Also. sometimes you might not castle.

  2. Don’t move the f pawn. Me who plays the bird opening and Dutch defense

  3. I am an oh since 1k and Ik you cannot 1m then 10m so you go this

  4. This is important information. I need to know the secrets now.

  5. I'm your biggest fan and please pin me 😢.

  6. Make a playlist of these educational vids

  7. do not move the F pawn
    King's Gambit players: WTF

  8. “Do not bring the woman out too early” Scandinavian Defense:

  9. 6. Don't use Barnes Opening: Fools Mate and Damiano Defense.
    7. Don't use bongcloud opening If you aren't 2000 or above 2000 elo.

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  11. When white does Italian I do Blackburne💀

  12. I wanna thank top chess
    From the time I started seeing these vedios my elo went from 500 to 750

  13. Nelson bot : nah uh im gonna go crazy with the woman

  14. Rule Exceptions:

    1. Develop In The Center
    Some ultramodern openings don’t require controlling the center, such as King’s Indian / Modern Defense.

    2. Don’t move the same piece twice.
    If it is a hanging piece, this rule is ignorable, such as From’s Gambit / Ross Gambit…

    3. Don’t go too crazy with woman.
    You can target major pieces with it. Also okay if opponent can’T win tempo.

    4. Castle your king
    You don’t need to if your king is already safe. Such as in Collab System / London System your king is safe enough.

    5. Don’t move F pawn.
    Okay after you already castled, since it is protected by a rook.
    Also King’s Gambit is an exception, but Bird’s Opening is bad.

  15. whenever I see my classmate 1v1 in chess
    just know that I'm basically biting the curb cause watching their match is f**** awful

  16. Top chess lore: apocaliptic Bishos vs Green pawn duel

    Top chess lessons: "Don't go too crazy with the woman."

  17. 3:56 OMG is it a triple check?
    dont move the king to the center unless this weird stufs happens

  18. You can push the F pawn to f4/f5 even if you castled king side. You would need your king on h1 or h8 to avoid checks on the diagonals.

  19. i can't find the video … pls the link !!!

  20. Thank you so much for these videos! My elo has already skyrocketed and i am hoping to join the top chess army soon ❤

  21. Do not go too crazy with the woman 😏

  22. "Don't use the fried liver, scholar's mate, etc".
    While I agree on Scholar's Mate, Fried Liver can lead to some strong lines even if the attack itself fails because the initial opening that leads to the Fried Liver, the Italian, is solid enough on its own.

  23. i got to 2000 elo bc of this guy

  24. This comment wont have 100 likes till the next year or i will quit chess

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