Never underestimate Samay Raina! | Samay vs Super GM Gukesh (2730)

Samay Raina is well-known in the chess world as someone who made chess very popular among the masses. Although he is not rated as per FIDE, he is day by day working on his chess and getting very strong. On 18th of March after Gukesh did a 21-board simul, he was greeted by Samay back at Amruta and Sagar’s home! This game took place where Samay has 10 mins, Gukesh has 2 mins. Of course, Gukesh being world no.18 and a super GM, was the favourite, but as the title of the video suggests – Never understimate Samay Raina!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. ye sala takla bht bol rha hai beech me

  2. Abe yarr koi mute par dalo yar iss aurat ko 😭😭

  3. Bckground me kutta kiu vonk rha hai…video ka maja aur kaan… dono kharab katdiya behnke laudiyo ne…

  4. Every student is good in front of his teacher.😅

  5. why is the audience not shutting up?!?!

  6. Coming after the results here feels different

  7. That guy. From the. Side. He is fuckkkking annoying. Stop talking u shit

  8. Anyone after Gukesh become World champion.

  9. That irritating lady voice while game is ON..They couldnt even concentrate properly.damn

  10. good stuff:)
    and i just wanna say that woman is cheap, inside out.

  11. We all had this skinny irritating girl in our class….like amruta …I feel pity for Sagar..

  12. Ye kon bhookh Raha hai be.. battamiz😂😂😂😂

  13. Even our street dog barks less than that lady😐

  14. Sagar Shah is taklu both inside out

  15. "He gets distracted" said Amrutha calmly.

  16. Bhai ye Amruta kitna bolti hai , pura time kich kich

  17. bhai kon ladki hai ye dimaag kharab kar diya pura

  18. Raina – i almost won le Gukesh – I always won 😂😂😂

  19. She's just so irritating as a person

  20. yo amruta can you please shut the hell up tho

  21. Because of amruta only he lost 😢❤

  22. Thankyou so much sir🤗 this was my first live lecture on yt🤩 because I prefer to watch recorded but today I am not able to leave in between as I was enjoying it very much 😄😄and also I learned most of the things in class itself. Can you please tell me where to find the class notes??

  23. Really did not expected such behaviour of Amruta

  24. Who’s that girl talking shit all the time 😅

  25. Main opening against Magnus 😮❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  26. Bhai audience itna bakwas kyu kar raha tha? Dumb people…

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