New Chess Opening


  1. Abey fukre😂he will not move the knight in end instead move pawn in front of queen to avoid checkmate

  2. Bishop=juicer pawn=juicy pawn knight=pony rook=rooky king=lollipop

  3. Bhusop can take the queen so it is not a check mate

  4. Moves:
    1. e4, e5
    2. Bc4, Nf6
    3. d4, exd4
    4. Nf3, Nxe4
    5. Qxd4, Nd6
    6. O-O, Nxc4
    7. Re1+, Be7
    8. Qxg7, Rf8
    (8. Qxg7, Rg8
    9. Qxg8#)
    9. Bh6, Nc6
    10. Qxf8#

  5. The black Bishop: am I a joke to you?

  6. instead of playing pony the best move for black is d6 then king d7 easy save from checkmate

  7. After last step the queen can be killed by the bishop, right?

  8. What if black play pown d6 after Whyte play bishop h6

  9. Did we forget about the black bishop

  10. Why is my opponent not doing any sick moves as he described them to do🥴

  11. Youuuuu Lilly put its not possible in real game…… 😂

  12. we making it out 150 elo with this one ️️️

  13. Indian accent, check. Casual hilariousness, check. I love it.

  14. Instructions were unclear. I landed on free parking

  15. Bros speech 📈📈📈
    Then ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  16. Can capture the queen and it's not a checkmate

  17. Jitna aap easy bata rahe ho samne vala player itna bewkuf nahi hota.
    Mai chess tournament game play karta hu aap chess tournament ka level 3 pash kar ke video banao tab mai Manu aap jo bata rahe ho vah sahi hai
    You are master in the game of the chess

  18. Bro what if my opponent knows how to play?

  19. what a mate lolipop is so sad he came to play not die

  20. Move The pawn at D6 instead of knight at the end 🌚

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