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We play FPS Chess versus my friends!

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​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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Play FPS Chess!

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  1. pawn,knight,bishop,rook,queen and king dummy

  2. Can you say that you said what is that called a Brazil a bishop

  3. okay i will like to feed your family😊

  4. The chess pieces are: the king,the queen, the rook,the bishop,the knight and the pawn

  5. I already know casling checkmate and two square pawn i didn't know the richest man in the world bill Gates play chess

  6. Pawn,rook,knight,bishop,queen,king, and that's all

  7. I laughed when he said: GO HORSEY 🐎

  8. The piece with the scratch on its face is called the bishop it can only move in the color of the lines it’s standing on

  9. I think on the Knight (horse) the more you hold down the cursor and fire at the indicated target, the stronger it gets. When you fired the bishop, you fired at max power.

  10. Front=Pawn
    2nd sides=Knight
    3rd sides=Bishop
    4th sides=Queen and King

  11. Pawn:1 point and when it,s home it moves up 2 squares"or" 1 and kills diagonals.
    Rook:Moves up and down and side to side.

  12. The chess game is only on pc but I want to play it

  13. All of this piece there's 6 different types of piece pawn, knight,bishop,rook,Queen and finally king

  14. queen is like a bishop and a rook
    but king is most important

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