Nimrod’s Chess Tricks | Against Damiano Defence

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  1. Cậu bé này rất là hư khi ko nghiêm túc

  2. bro rather do en passent rather than saving his queen

  3. Dostun pion çaprazmi gidiyo çocuk seni iyi kandirdi

  4. Stop disrespecting chess fuck you guys

  5. the kid put the pawn on the side but nothing is gonna eat it

  6. Есть ферзя 🤡
    Не есть ферзя👍

  7. Bro is a kid ,stfu with u negative comments

  8. Ses même pas sa les règles d'échec

  9. هو خايف من الولد الصغير قبل ما يلعب إذا الهزيمة موكدة

  10. Как пешка наискось походила ?

  11. That's why i don't go to tournaments anymore

  12. I couldn't understand why the man didn't take the Queen after the kid did Pawn d3 🤔

  13. Bro at first 👶
    Bro when the game starts 🗿

  14. Quân tốt ăn quân gì là lại đi chéo vậy.

  15. But why did he just move pawn to g6? If he didn't take any peace?

  16. It is illegal move that the move pawn

  17. Gk mati klau mentri di mkan hitam tadi adegan yg di sengaja.

  18. Челавеки каторыи первы раз играют шахмат😂😂

  19. How pawn can move cross, without taking any piece.

  20. 너네 다 여어어어엇 묵어 븅웅들아

  21. Pro tip: don't bring out your Queen too early

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