P2W Chess: Unfair Checkmate Traps

Chess Evolved Online, also known as Old Old Chess Battle Advanced, is a game created by a crypto-addicted Spaghetti Monster. This episode is all about MEME CHECKMATES, and pieces that represent a lot of threat to the enemy King that is not immediately obvious.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Ninja
3:00 Angel
4:42 Turn 1 Checkmate Used To Be A Thing
5:16 Inventor of CBA’s Thoughts on Turn 1 Checkmate
5:41 Null Turn 1 Checkmate
6:15 Thunder Turn 1 Checkmate
7:26 What Is A Turn 1 Checkmate?
7:57 ACTUAL Turn 1 Checkmate
9:04 Turn 0 Checkmate
11:29 Enchantress Traps
14:59 Losing To A Single Dragon++
18:38 Nexus Disaster Update
20:18 Nexus Turn 1 Checkmate
21:01 GravityMage Turn 1 Checkmate
21:46 Minotaur
25:15 Summoner
27:46 The Ultimate Combo
30:53 The BIGGEST MEME Combo
33:56 Outro and Teaser for P2W Chess Video

discord: discord.gg/V64JDvbWsf


  1. I still find the idea of chess with microtransactions and loot crates to be laughably ridiculous. Old Old Chess Battle Advanced, indeed.

  2. Imagine Magnus Carlsen becoming the world champion of Chess Battle Advanced

  3. i have no idea what niche community i stumbled into, but i enjoy the insults at spaghetti monster 👍

  4. I'm beginning to suspect that the name "Chess Battle Advanced" might be a sign of derision…
    EDIT: BRUH The Spaghetti Monster's hair actually looks like fucking spaghetti! LOL!

  5. Okay so, I am incredibly confused, what's up with chess battle evolved being called old old chess battle advanced, what is old chess battle advanced???

  6. We really need a CBA lore video lol. Its getting kinda hard to keep up!

  7. please make a CEO piece tier list, it would be very awesome

  8. The Spaghetti Monster will never mate irl

  9. As someone who got here via the magic that is the youtube algorithm, this game is borderline incomprehensible. Like, the concept is simple enough, it's chess with wonky pieces, but… why? This game seems like it would be crazy frustrating.

  10. Tj Henry Yoshi joke, come on Icely you gotta have some dignity

  11. For footage you could probably do a temporary upload (just leave it up for a week) asking for clips of oocba. Maybe announcement on main channel as well. I love these videos, so I hope you get to make more of them!

  12. Im startimg to understand why you love to meme about this do much

  13. the Cindustrial Bsociety and its Aconsequences

  14. The guy speaking only on the left speaker is hilarious

  15. I need the awet lore video, please please please remind us of the abstract games discord, fizzbuzz, NDAs, and f3 apologizing for him in the prismata discord

  16. turn 0 checkmate truly is a battles of chess, advanced

  17. I genuinely cannot tell if icely loves or hates the game at this point

  18. Now I know what noob tricks I'm going to run into for the next week lol

    I swear they all watch your channel. Of course, so do I.

  19. listen. you go design a 200 piece chess game and make it have some semblance of balance.

  20. Whenever Icely says something in the CBA community has been memed to death, I liked to think Icely has just created a dozen alts to create memes with so he can personally meme it to death.

  21. 1:45 icely forgor how aquarius works, that wasnt mate smh

    4:45 icely forgor to show eartheelmental whcih can petrify at 4 range, thus allowing check-sound-effect to play turn 1

    11:30 icely forgor to add turn -1 checkmates where you use bugs to make a 0 morale army.

    69:42:00 icely forgor to give me 1 rp for each of these forgor i pointed out.

  22. Luckily you can avoid all of this just running 2 Kings in your army due to a bug, truly a Chess Battle Advanced game

  23. Damn, someone remember the Valkyrie – Portal combo.

  24. My favorite part about this game is how at a glance it looks like anarchy chess, but peel away the veil and it reveals its true form, BEURUCRAT CHESS!!!!!!!!!

  25. I remember that I used the haunted amour and enchantress a lot during the Kongragate age, I can't wait for one of my most hated piece to be analysed the Pyromancer… If you don't have a cheap unit that can take it, it basically became one of the most inferring piece for a player like me.

  26. 24:41 WAIT! I saw this in the discord today! I don't know if you are claiming ownership of this, as I never hear the voices of the players, but since you posted those other replays, I must say thank you, I never realized it was you, and I appreciate all the help over these last few weeks. Good that you are being successful with these videos!
    31:35 I only said this thrice… but Chess Battle Advanced
    33:22 SO many alts, I am so dizzy

  27. i love these typa CEO videos uve been making lately

  28. at least it's not as bad as me using poison mage everywhere.

  29. I used to play this thing on Kongregate, I loved it, never was any good at it though

  30. All this games been good for nowadays for me has been to do the daily puzzles when I got in the mood

  31. Well I wasn't expecting to watch a 34 minute mating documentary, but the algorithm has spoken.

  32. Wouldn't that be a turn 0 stalemate, not checkmate?

  33. Why is the black queen and king the wrong way around?

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