PLAYING 4 PLAYER CHESS – 47 [King in the middle] [twitch stream]



  1. In the first game yellow quick scoped green💀

  2. 4 player chess isnt bad but the problem i ended up running into was 2 ppl obvioiusly teaming up against another guy and save each other for last
    and if you called them out coz its the 3rd time you seen them later that day doing the same thing? prepare for toxicity,
    sadly the chess community is toxic/childish

  3. Anyone remember battle chess on the atari ?
    That was an awesome version of chess but this looks v cool !
    I would like to see 4 player chess for real

  4. so the pawn can only move forward? not right or left?

  5. Judging by ur first game I have some suggestions for u

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