‘Two galaxy brains go head-to-head in a battle through space, time, and… smell?


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  1. This is such a random crossover but i’m all for it

  2. I was laughing almost the whole time, this was fantastic

  3. Is a castle bad in 5d chess since you'd have to protect your king in different spots at the same time?

  4. The only way this could be more absurd is allowing 3D boards for more shenanigans. For even MORE weirdness. Please, someone make a mode for these…

  5. Gotta say, this is the first Atrioc video I've seen (not including his collabs with Ludwig) but I like it here. It's cozy.

  6. You treat space, time, and timelines themselves as lines in a chess board. This game seems interesting, where do you buy it?

  7. If Atrioc becomes his own grandpa, we know something went wrong

  8. Atroic has to stop clipping the mic so much and this would be way more enjoyable

  9. this was awesome i hope youll play more one day haha

  10. this is so goddamn funny. can't wait til atrioc is a 5d chess GM

  11. Can we get a stockfish evaluation for this? Or get Alpha Zero to learn these rules instead?

  12. This is the best game ever, and your personality makes it better

  13. Atrioc just redefined the 5D chess meta with his “King bombardment” strat in the last game

  14. This hurt to listen to. Nothing against you, but please either stop screaming, or move your mic further away so your screaming doesn't make my ears bleed.

  15. He's got the spirit. He's a little bit confused but he's got the spirit.

  16. With 5d chess you can finally say that line…"I am 5 parallel universes ahead of you" ~Mario

  17. Briliantino Prihandika Kharisma Putra Sakti says:

    I laughed everytime he says TIME lol

  18. Why does everyone forget that the Knight is the reason 5D Chess is in five dimensions?…

  19. the sad part is that each board doesn't have a third dimension… could be sooo much more complicated

  20. Imagine playing througthout actual 5 dimensions and actual multiverse timetravel.

  21. I’m reviewing this game as “A modern day CoD”

  22. Took me like 6 minutes until I realized the wind noise is not my PC becoming a nuclear bomb but the video.

  23. am i the only one getting some weird noise from the audio?

  24. As a 1700 rated player. I have no idea what the hell is going on and I'm scared

  25. dumbest game ever lmao any consistent chess player would probably agree this is just over the top and fucking stupid when considering the complexity of a normal game of chess

  26. 5D Chess in a nutshell: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  27. This game is the perfect example for a game with a seemingly near-infinite skill ceiling.

  28. This is probably my favorite video ever from Atrioc, I was dying laughing so hard that I sent this video to my dad

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