Pragg, the next Magnus Carlsen?? #chess

Praggnanandhaa had a quick nap during 2024 Candidates. Magnus did the same in 2014 World Championship match.

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  1. Meanwhile Vidit busy learning in Russian School of Chess

  2. He is not at all sleeping rather making plot how soon to devastate opponent

  3. But when I do this genius thing in class, the teachers scold me. Double standards lol

  4. «If I can't play like a World Champ – at least I can act like one»

  5. Viewers : OMG, they are memorizing their moves in their brain for the tournament.
    Carlson and Pragg : Where should I eat for dinner?

  6. Why take the west as a standard and compare?
    Just be unique

  7. He is not sleeping.. He is playing game im his mind. ❤😊

  8. I think Gukesh is the next Magnus

  9. बेटा ओ सो नहीं रहा है मनन कर रहा है।😂

  10. बेटा ओ सो नहीं रहा है मनन कर रहा है।😂

  11. बेटा ओ सो नहीं रहा है मनन कर रहा है।😂

  12. Good player avvacchu kaani ilaa show dhengakoodadhu

  13. Nope…..Pragg is Pragg….he is no next somebody

  14. They are processing not sleeping.. 😅

  15. It’s sleeping for lazy people, Thinking for rest 😂

  16. Pragg color changed in candidates matches

  17. I never saw a chess competition… But bro don't show arrogance respect what you are doing. And u will be the best in the world. 🎉 Don't do stuffs to be magnus… Write your own story

  18. DIfferent religion, ethnicity, age, color, but same thought while playing chess: DID I TURN THE COOKER OFF?

  19. He's him not any Carlsen or anyone 😏

  20. He is unique, Don't make him as next magnus Carlson

  21. Both of them sleep?
    That cannot be a coincidence

  22. Bro if this represents similarities between prag and Magnus then we all humans breathe so we all are Magnus in chess 😂

  23. This is the difference between us and the Grand masters ! 😂😂
    We just sleep but they think 😂😂😂

  24. No one sleep during the Candidates but gigachad Alexander Grischuk in 2020. I don't remember which game, maybe against Nepo or Wang Hao

  25. You can not recognise a person by his or her's habit.
    And never comparison.
    And I think he could turn into a better player

  26. It's not Pragg , the next magnum carlson , it's Pragg , the next world champion

  27. They both are not sleeping….They are Analysing All possible outcomes…Something Like Dr strange do

  28. A Correction Please:- He is the First R. Praggnanandhaa

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