RESIGN. #chess #funny #checkmate


  1. hikaru ain't taping the watch with a hand and playing with another

  2. Bro your first move was illegal because your moved piece with right and click click with right

  3. Yes that's a losing position
    I see it now

  4. I have the pov of some one being confused by how pov is being used

  5. Fun fact about Chess: Moving the chess piece with one hand and clicking the clock with the other hand is illegal. You have to click the clock with the same hand you move the piece with in order to avoid any knowing/unknowing cases of cheating whereby players click the clock before moving the chess piece.

  6. plot twist: he used two hands, thus lost on stop

  7. If he saw it then he could easily avoid it right?

  8. The real reason the game ended was because the white player used opposite hand to touch the clock therefore breaking a rule and forfeiting the match

  9. He even doesnt know what move hes gonna play and just resign thats not the hikaru that i saw

  10. I am going to resign from YT SHORTS ( ESPECIALLY CHESS SHORTS ) 💀

  11. Hikaru: E4

    His Enemy: E5

    Hikaru: Hes that kind of guy huh hes over

  12. i mean magnus resigned
    in 3 moves against a 14 year old

  13. well, it kinda do be like that. if you do any non principled opening in a professional match against hikaru, you are gonna lose in 52 moves. Unless u magnus

  14. When you move the piece with right hand and tap the timer with left

  15. Bro did illegal move at first by playing with one hand and pressing clock with other hand XD

  16. Lol he used the wrong hand to touch the clock 😂

  17. The one we can see the guy in white shirt did a wrong illegal thing of chess as he hit the clock with the other hand other than which he was using to play the pawn this is illegal and he already lost that's why he resigned😂😂🎉😢😢

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  18. Here i thought this was a reference to hikaru no go, great anime, though its about the Go board game , the thought process of the moves were pretty much a big part of it to

  19. Over/under, this guy gets mated in 52 moves by Hiki…

  20. Bro once I shake his hand to start the game I would IMMEDIATELY shake his hand again to signify resignation 💀💀💀

  21. bishop go here, here, here, take, take, here here, here, here, its absolututely winning.

  22. What a stupid guy, every body knows you when your opponent is Hikaru, you resign before even starting the match.

  23. E4 was a blunder, d4 was the only winning move

  24. Probably his mom called him for groceries…

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