Rosen & Levy CHECKMATE Agadmator & Hikaru in 2 Moves

Eric Rosen and GothamChess deliver a brutal checkmate to Agadmator while Hikaru helplessly watches. Plus a bonus game of 4 Player Anti-Chess.



Eric Rosen:

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#gmhikaru #gothamchess #agadmator #4playerchess


  1. levy what have you done man u were completely winning and lost everything LOL

  2. Why was the background of this video a swastika?

  3. GM Hikaru, IM Levy and IM Eric: You're in this council, Adagmator, but we do not grant you the rank of Master.

  4. Де я зможу скачати шахи на 4 гравця??

  5. this was posted on 3 of the 4 channels come on man

  6. (insert curb your enthusiasm theme here)

  7. 2 move mate and video is about 28 min what a lol

  8. Курманбек Абдикулов says:

    Mr beast надаел

  9. Levy said "Eric that's Mate" and Hikaru immediately goes to grinnin'. 💯💀
    What can ya do?? 😂

  10. Me seeing the thumbnail: Whauw, all Youtube chess stars together!! Clicked instantly…

  11. Wow. Maybe it's just the few games that I have watched but Eric really seems to have a mind for this.

  12. The strongest player should play a number 4.

    Theres a lot of new mechanics isin't it?

  14. My experience in 4 player chess is when a random person coaches me how to play the 4 player chess and actually won!

  15. This was basically an all-star game of the Youtube chess community. Not even sure who else to add unless Magnus starts streaming on YouTube

  16. The ambitious seaplane fifthly train because platinum wessely command next a subdued acrylic. loutish, recondite stepdaughter

  17. Agadmator opening with passed pawns must be pushed. Nicely developing just grabbing more space in the center..

  18. I dont know the rules, this was hard to watch

  19. I think Hikaru will love to meets Eminem, bcz you know, god to god

  20. My brain has just busted out, by watching and decoding these chess (es)😒😒😒

  21. Perhaps the increment should be a bit longer for this madness

  22. I have the same headphone hikaru was wearing…that level of headband expending metal strip shows how big his head compared to mine

  23. When top chess player in world got fool's checkmate

  24. That final game was a very interesting alternation on 4 player chess that seems very fun.

  25. Altoght you are good in normal chess you are noob in team 4player chess , all of you 👎

  26. Agadmator got mated with more time than he started with

  27. No entiendo lo que juegan. … que la pasen bien

  28. the real question is, did Levy get the rating point back?

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