Schlatt loses a chess game in 2 moves

schlatt loses to alex botez in a game of chess
original vid:

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  1. That was more easy that the Fool’s Gambit

  2. You can see the confusion on her face, only to follow it up with a Gargamel

  3. This man managed to get mated in less moves than scholar's mate. I'm impreseed

  4. Schlatt is a genius – knowing about the Scholar’s mate and turning it into content

  5. would have been funny if it wasnt obviously scripted

  6. Even if he didn't blunder Fool's Mate, that's just a terrible opening. The right bishop and knight are trapped, the king is exposed, and the opponent easily takes control of the center.

  7. I love how she's like "he can't be serious…"

  8. g3 can really pull off reverse psychology fr

  9. There are more possible games of chess then there are atoms in the observable universe, and you played the worst one.

  10. I’ve successfully managed to win this way twice.
    Felt freakin awesome

  11. That is the only way in the whole game of chess to lose in 2 moves and schlatt did itπŸ˜‚

  12. Chess version of a far away headshot

  13. I'm laughing so hard, I'm wheezing!!!🀣🀣

  14. her smile is so fking devious 😭

  15. 0:15 β€œShe’s not gonna see this one coming.”

    0:22 Schlatt.exe has stopped working

  16. I love the little moment of silence where she looks closer into the screen like "is this actually happening?"

  17. LMFAO @ people in the comments thinking this isn't staged.

  18. I got hit this exact same move during my chess early days πŸ’€

  19. Nahh you see how fast his face changedπŸ˜‚

    Be like: 😈😧😨🀨

  20. "she's never gonna see this coming"
    *commits suicide*

  21. I probably would have lost the same. How did that even work? The piece moved so many spaces

  22. That silence at the end was so bad it somehow closed my YouTube app.

  23. Haha her eyes moving over was the cherry on top lmfao πŸ˜‚

  24. The moment I saw the Queen's opening, I knew…

  25. His second move in the dumbest move I've ever seen.
    Did he think that was the queen instead of the king?
    If this isn't staged, I don't understand his thinking on that move.

  26. Me whenever I try to play Chess:

  27. Rule 1 of playing Chess. Never leave an opening to your King

  28. "I'm just going to play simple chess … Nothing to see here"
    I think she said that to put Schlatt's guard down.
    Remember, she is a competitive pro.

  29. To be honest… WHO wouldnot see that. I ABSOLUTLY understand her expresion

  30. "Schlatt, what happened to this chess game?"

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