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  1. My dumbass would still get stalemate😂🥲

  2. Why is promoting to queen stalemate in the first clip

  3. Honestly I saw qd8, qd8, rc8, qc8, c8=q, kc8, f5, g4, f6, g3, f7, g2, f8=q(with check) and then win the game

  4. I mever understood why stale mate was worst/not a win like check mate.

  5. The trick is to have your opponent play against a mirror so you can see their pieces

  6. Can you make a tutorial on how to win a chess match am new

  7. Wowowowo I just joined a chess Club and now I'm watching your vids it's very helpful for a begginer

    Knowing without a sacrifice you can't win😮

  8. I literally screamed THE ROOK when he sacs THE ROOK

  9. Wait, couldn't he queen also play like the elephant? 😅

  10. The “knight feasting on pawns” endgame position is worth playing.

    The key to win
    1) threaten to capture advancing black pawn, not actually feasting on it
    2) waiting for black king to approach the knight
    3) perform a fork attack on both black king and pawn, finally beginning the feast

  11. Theres the fackt you didn’t need to sacrifice the queen

  12. Why can't i just use queen 8d to kill the rook (check), which make the king move out of the way for me to promote my pawn in c8?

  13. I found

    Rab1, Qxb7, queen takes rook on d8 giving checking, pinning queen and taking queen, up a queen and other cool stuff ion know I’m like 600 ish

  14. Most underpromotted piece in chess= Bishop

  15. The best move is to sacrifice the ROOOOOOOK.

  16. I have a chess tournament tomorrow and I'm so glad to watch your videos they give me tips thx so much ❤❤😊😊

  17. Wouldn’t blacks pawn get to castle without you being able to stop it?

  18. Was that second one really played over the board? It seems suspiciously nice that White's best move is to sac the queen. That's the sort of thing that only happens in problems. Or sometimes in real games but only extremely rarely.

  19. rook c8 black rook takes then take with the pawn and promote to a knight

  20. He was so happy at the end of the video😂

  21. I saw this:
    Q x d8
    Q x d8
    R c8
    Q x c8
    b x c8
    K x c8
    g x f5
    White wins the game…

  22. Uhhh can't you just do discover check it ??

  23. Sry bcs im silly but what does stealmates means ?

  24. The resulting endgame though is actually crazy. Seriously, plug it into an analysis board and play some moves, endgames are so cool

  25. You can move queen to a7 and its a checkmate right?

  26. Queen takes a6 mate for the second one

  27. You could promote to a queen and its checkmate

  28. He – I give you hint
    Me thinking the hint would be -"SaCriFicE tHE roOk"

  29. Sacrifice the rook and promote it to the knight by taking the rook of the black and give a discovery check with the queen and when his king moves take his queen with the help of Knight. Promote your other pawns to queen and win the game eventually

  30. promoting to a queen wouldn't have been a stalemate, black had a lot of other pieces it could move (e.g. its queen).

  31. I don't get how making a queen should make it a stalemate should be considered a win.

  32. '…and we win the game'
    My dumba** losing: 👁️🫦👁️

  33. I knew it was sacrifice rook then I thoughts you instantly promote 🙁

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