Sigma Magnus Carlsen

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  1. For Magnus it’s all about intimidation. He is so casual when he starts a game. Completely relaxed and confident.

  2. I mean this is a man who developed a gambit where u swap the positions of the king and the queen, and then proceeds to use it against a gm

  3. Magnus is truely a world class player

  4. People will give wrong information about my opinion,

  5. Guys Sun Tzu was chinese, he never said nothing in eanglish

  6. "Touch move. You must play the knight" – opponent, while adjusting his glasses

  7. It’s called the ADJUSTTHEPIECES gambit


  9. "hydration is the key to winning,"
    – Sun Tzu

  10. For some reason, Magnus did this but everyone else is not allowed to adjust their pieces because of the rule:
    Touch Move

  11. ماغنس ياخي 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I think this should be called the Magnus gambit

  13. My bet is Carlsen won the game before move 1, legit.

  14. Nothing anormal. Magnus started like almost all matches

  15. Did the referee allow the players to shake hands before starting the clock?

  16. magnus wasted time adjusting pieces….
    opponent wasted time looking at magnus


  17. Im almost positive that got in the opponents head tho

  18. Это не Симга это неспортивное поведение и высоко задранный нос

  19. Toxic boyfriends thinking that they can't be outdone in terms of toxicity

    Magnus Carlsen: intense laughter

  20. he was like.

    WTF… am I a joke to you

  21. El increíble e distinguido estilo de tocar todas la piezas ❤❤

  22. "was this against Vincent Keymer?"
    -Sun Tzu, Art of War

  23. "the most quoted person in the world"

    -Sun Tzu

  24. "The last word wasn't discovered in my timeline"
    -Sun Tzu

  25. "The last words weren't even discovered in my timeline"
    -Sun Tzu

  26. I would've did the same exact thing right back at him 😅

  27. "He took the same time for me to get the milk???!!!"-Dad tzu

  28. Once the referee sets the clock time…"I own the time now.." says Magnus

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