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  1. people who are new to chess.
    are you speaking chines

  2. I am a 2000 elo and I STARTED doing this and now I'm 2600

  3. I am offended by both the moves and the date thing 😢

  4. My man roasting us
    in one sentence he roasted millions

  5. You need to plan your moves carefully, make the enemy think their playing chess while your playing checkers, never let them know your next move

  6. I only do bullet because be spend 30s on 30 min games

  7. Anyway dawg wants to end his life in seconds thats why he sacked in 2 sec

  8. Bro i lose so many games the game doesn't let me elo get lower than 100. But I am really smart and I do alot of brilliant moves normally

  9. I did it!!!!!
    Prannked em and noticed it.
    I keep doing this to the 400s for a prank, but it reached you? Damn.

  10. My problem is to think extremely long and still doing bad moves😅

  11. I literally put water next to me and it put me up 200 Elo because when I drunk it I couldn't make a move

  12. Im 1600 and still do that… with similar results -_-

  13. As a 300 elo, how are 400s just as bad as me?

  14. Ahh the days. I remember being a 400 and doing this.

  15. 400s should play 30 minute games that’s the only way they’ll learn properly

  16. Yea that used to be me. Playing Rapid and with 9:46 on the clock I sacrifice 1 bishop then 2 knights on somewhere in 9:27 💀

  17. Icl he’s right, I play 10 minute games in about 2 minutes

  18. I just watched this video and played 2 games and those 2 games I had 3 brilliant moves with your tip

  19. Bruh even I play better then these 400s 🤦‍♂️

  20. man there was a check with the queen AND U CHOSE TO TAKE A BISHOP?

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