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  1. As a 300, I can can confirm that I do not do this

  2. Watching some "my honest reaction" shorts n then came to here

    Yo,let me in your world
    You know what i spy?
    Spy ya looking lonely
    Ya know boy thats why
    I wanna be your lady, you l-l-l

  3. Rn im 400 really close to 500 and people do this alot andim there like wow free queen free rook free knight thanks😂

  4. I do that but i play bullet 😂 i really like play in 2 s

  5. I’m 400 and I wish my opponent would do this

  6. Pov: you are looking for a comment without a skull😂


  7. Me thinking this does not apply to me, cause I’m a 500! 💪🏾

  8. Its working man… I just had a game, were i blundered and got forked… I just added a rook and he was so confused that he just went back to his original position 😂😂😂

  9. helloween opening but queen pawn goes out for dinner

  10. Bro just pulled out the meanest roast of the century so casually

  11. Bro these 100 elos are taking 10 years to make one move💀💀

  12. As a 400 i play strategy and half of my losses bc of time should i give 15 minutes a try?

  13. At 400 elo, you wanna win on time no matter how many pieces you lose because neither of you know how to checkmate

  14. Bold of Levy to assume a chess player can get a date

  15. We think while it’s the bots or persons turn

  16. I do that except for the part of hanging things while doing it
    I am 1800 lol

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