Surprising Facts of 4 Player Chess: Things You Probably didn’t know

Whether you are new to 4 player chess (4PC), these facts may surprise and you probably didn’t know about these.

0:00 Intro
0:23 No.4 4PC Existed since 19th Century
1:15 No.3 En Passant Exists in 4PC
2:15 No.2 King Can be Directly Captured
4:18 No.1 No need High Rating in 1 vs 1


  1. 2:06 The reason is related to the original idea of en passant. It is about taking at the position which the opponent's pawn skipped by going 2 square instead of one. It is about having similar result as if the opponent's pawn only moved one square and then get taken.

  2. 3:55 "two players left", but you also have to count the "zombie" king (of the player resigned or forfeited on time, but has not been checkmated). Therefore, from the position at 3:59, it is theoretically possible to lead to the situation of capturing the king directly.

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