Tate’s Toughest Chess Opponent

Andrew Tate’s most difficult game of chess


  1. Beautiful feminine energy from this woman. Bless her

  2. I feeling like he would beat me
    Bbc- Andrew tate threatens woman on podcast

  3. What a stupid question, did she not do her research on him?

  4. “ next time you’ll beat me forsure” in his mine- “no you won’t dumb btch”😂

  5. someone once said in the comment section of an Andrew Tate video, " if his dad didn't play chess, who would definitely say it's for nerds" and honestly that's totally accurate

  6. She should stop engaging in too much sins, she is losing her soul slowly

  7. Bro was rapping when he said: "New york the 11th state of the union"

  8. In the breaking news story, Andrew Tate beats a woman on camera! Brought to you by Vice.

  9. How do you dare winning against a woman that’s misogynistic 😮😮😮😂😂

  10. My dad said when playing with women and kids you should always let them win , koz they are driven by emotions so against them you win by losing

  11. BBC : Misogynist Tate intimidates and beats woman live

  12. I thought she’s Muslum isn’t this disrespectful to the Islamic dress code???

  13. Andrew Tate is a internet personality who has a lot of money

  14. "I know most of the basics"
    "You know most of the basics I'm in trouble now"

  15. BBC news after this – andrew tate beats women

  16. How can anyone say he’s a shitty guy when he’s so respectful, like tf

  17. She didn’t realize oh that’s it!!!😂

  18. "I already know like most of the basics."
    *continues to place white pawn along with black pieces.

  19. I wanna play chess with the Top G AKA Andrew Tate

  20. I think i could beat andrew in a chess match blindfolded

  21. I feel like he would beat me
    BBC newz- Andrew Gate hits women☕

  22. She had kind of a terrible position, like 600 elo considering if andrew tate is good

  23. Dang I would like to play a game of chess with Andrew.

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