The 10 Best Chess Plans For The Middlegame – Chess Strategy For The Middlegame – Midgame Strategy

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About This Video:

The top 10 best chess plans for the middlegame. After the opening, one of the biggest problems beginners and intermediate players have is what to do next. In this video I go over several examples of types of chess plans and strategies that you can use in your next game!


  1. Honestly I find hard to boost my ELO due to openings. In middlegame I'm usually fine. I can't find a way to properly prepare the opening

  2. It seems like we're ignoring plans of black in these strategies.

  3. Can someone please tell me how he makes the red arrows and red circles????

  4. I’m not great, but maybe increase the number of squares you can move to, reduce theirs, and arrange defended positions?

  5. really good videos you are the most useful chess youtuber overtaking GothamChess by far, thank you for your videos👌

  6. Don't do what he says
    Only if your opponent is blind and very domy

  7. I'm finally getting back into chess again, this really helped dust off some of the mental cobwebs.

  8. The title/book Middlegame makes so much more sense now 🤦‍ glad I looked it up!

  9. Thank you for these fabulous strategies! Could you do a video about "tempo" one day please? Thank you again.

  10. Nelson, You are so good at teaching that I share your Ch. more often and with a larger group of people than any other Chess Creator. This includes Members of my Chess Club as well, "Coos Bay, Oregon Chess Club". Thanks for such outstanding style man. Blessings your way with a huge thumbs up every single night! SHARED & SHARED AGAIN.

  11. Simply awesome – straight to the point off the bat. Rest is practice
    and loosing games a lot 🙂

  12. Where's the one in which you blunder the queen because that's what I like to play the most

  13. Thanks man i feel so much more solid now, i am rated 930 now and i just crushed my opponent with those little details you showed in the video, playing with 85% accuracy! You gained a sub!

  14. *watches chess tutorial
    *Plays a game then lose
    *Watches tutorial again
    *Plays a game then lose again

  15. 2:18, i have a question at this time stamp, black is not forced to recapture with the h pawn as he can capture with an f pawn, so if he does capture with the f pawn, how will you break through and attack the king especially when so many pieces can come into the rescue?

  16. Dude you are amazing. Before watching your videos, at a position like the one at 12:30, as black, at best I would’ve noticed the unprotected c4 pawn but apart from that I would have had very little idea to progress beyond looking for blunders etc.

    Now, thanks to you I learnt to also look for the backward pawn at b2, I learnt not to just look at the pieces but at the squares as well, I learnt about outposts and am considering maybe b3 square could be a good outpost for my knight perhaps protected by a bishop at e6 square.

    Maybe none of these ideas would actually do any good, but even then at least I learnt the look at such possibilities in the middlegame where before I would have no idea what to do.

    Can’t thank you enough man, you and your content is amazing!!!

  17. Man i think gothamchess is overrated, you teach better

  18. thank you so much for sacrificing all your games against the english just to teach us 🙏

  19. Love these videos! Professional and easy to follow.

  20. if you play enough in a short period u go from getting smashed by 1000s to laughing at 1000s. as a 1300 I think I'm starting to see the path to 1500+. Just got to realize when one is tilting away Elo, happens usually after a peak for me maybe losing one I should have definitely won then I can bleed 100+ points, if i could stop doing this i think 1500+ blitz. i don't do increment. 3+0

  21. 5:14 black responds with …g6. And after that my brain will freeze. I will probably intuitively play Ne5, but honestly, what do you do after …g6? 🙄

  22. For the last part your defence is pretty weak because I can just sacrifice a kinght for.a better position

  23. For me, there is no middle game. I always lose before then

  24. At 1:07 of video he should have said "when there are too many PAWNS (not pieces) blocking them off"

  25. Is it possible to file pgn

    Publish as well

  26. thanks i was stuck on what a pawn storm was

  27. Always educational watching his videos. Great stuff and thanks.

  28. 8:13 but what about simply Bxe7, then after they take back BOOM! outpost

  29. I do decent at the opening although most of the time lose a bit of advantage. I get tunnel visioned very often in the middle game and mess up pretty often. But If I somehow manage to survive with equal material and fairly equal position. I most of the time win the game. So I just pray and hope To somehow get to the Endgame

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