The Best Piece In All Of Chess

What’s the best piece in chess? It’s not what you think.

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This video includes Chess Memes also.

This video is a joke and should not be taken seriously

This video tries to be educational while being funny.
I make these videos to entertain while learning chess with you.

While I am not sacrificing the rook like GothamChess, female like Anna Cramling or BotezLive, cheeky like Frank, smart as Chessscape, making memes like Top Chess, rapping like Bobby BoJanlle, or as good as Hikaru or Magnus Carlsen, I still try to be entertain and join me on my journey on becoming a “good” chess player while I make entertaining videos trying to learn the game of chess

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  1. So true now the queen have the power of the rook,bishop,king, and the knight

  2. Nah wait u forgot u could combine the grasshopper, knight rider, and the queen

  3. Did u take this from Chess 2.0 chess 3.0 and 4.0 by

  4. Peter like a fish that looks like a kanan which is even more office

  5. But can this pice do en passant?

    That's what I thougut

  6. The best chess piece in normal chess is the rook because the queen has 9 points but double rooks have 10 I think

  7. Got an idea for a new piece: The Turkish King (or Sultan if you prefer)

    So basically he is like the normal king except that when he is in a check, he can change places with one of the other pieces left on the board (the exceptions are that he can't change places with a pawn, he can't change to a place that puts him in another check and he can't change places if he is checkmated), also if he is checkmated instead of the game ending the checkmated player has to sacrifice (by removing them from the board) the amount of pawns as there are fields from the king and the opposing piece that caused the checkmate making the checkmate actually ending the game possible only if the player has an insufficient number of pawns. I believe that the change this would give to chess is making early game mates impossible, slightly increase the worth of non promoted pawns and turn bishops, rooks and queens into the most love-hated figures.

  8. Shotgun king can have a sniper shotgun for somerwason and random fudge too soo uhh hes the strongest piece i guess?
    If im wrong then eh its ok

  9. And there you have it every chess game and no piece combination

  10. 😂the moment i saw those new pieces….thought I'm in another universe…

  11. The best chess piece is the "Super Queen" or "Monster Queen".That piece is in "Monster Chess"(AKA "Super King Chess" ).The reason why is the best because the "Super side(1 King;4pawns)" can move twice/turn and the Super Pawn CAN PROMOTE!!!😈

  12. Questions which need a video to answer 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    1. How to combine chess pieces???
    2. What type of chess is this???
    3. How many types of combinations are there???
    4. What are the capabilities of all the pieces???

  13. Kuş her kenara her köşele atlabilir

  14. New DLC characters for Chess looking great! I'm hyped!💀

  15. Chess 2 fainaly came out!!!!! Im so exutide to try the new mechaniecs and paces!!!!!

  16. How can I find these pieces on the online game?
    PLS, can someone tell me🙏

  17. Night rider is the most powerful cuz in one move the gueen is DEAD

  18. Well, I just made my king a Leviathan, which grows and adapts to be more powerful than anything that is up against it at that moment. I can even strap it to a drone with a flamethrower and float it above the chess board, so…

  19. Who knows how to play that chess variant?

  20. Pikachu
    It can put electro shock on every single square or it can shock all squares at the same time. But then it's draw because it also shocks its own square.

  21. The night can check mate without any other piece

  22. What about a pegasus combined with a queen? It'll able to move infinite knight places AND be like a queen AND some additional moves

  23. Combine the queen, the grasshopper and the knight rider to make the best piece in all of chess.

  24. That’s no chess . ITS MESS!


  25. Fact that "dragon" (It has different name) is actually exist in Russian chess.

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