The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career

The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career



  1. A good chess player is not that he always wins, but he just loses less often

  2. So cool Judit comes out of retirement and smoked Magnum

  3. should make this as anime with special effects

  4. OF COURSE because he has the white pieces he has to win OF COURSE we all know why this is OF COURSE

  5. i wonder what magnus VS carlson looks like

  6. Can someone explain to me why he took the knight with his queen at 12:32 ? I mean what would have changed if black didn't take the pawn on E4? He would still lose his queen

  7. Why you name Morozov as Morosovich? Different name

  8. Jesus Christ is Lord, King and Our Savior!

  9. Was expecting faster losses not involving a full completion of pieces taken from either side. Seemed like full completed matches to me.

    My only criticism is the lack of thinking VS moving pieces. If more thought went into each play maybe Magnus wouldn't have gotten defeated so much.

  10. Respect for Magnus, but I don't like his arrogance, and low mood against his oppenents. Like, don't be arrogant then lose.

  11. So which one was his fastest loss

  12. damn that game is so boring, even more than politics.

  13. My English teacher won three out of four games against Magnus Carlsen. The catch is that the latter was sixteen at the time.

  14. Haha everyone licking Magnus’s nutsack even though the best player in the world tries to cheat after realizing the blunder 😂.

  15. Chess players can probably find out the meaning of life

  16. Im guessing magnus is the guy with the down syndrome face?
    Real Q
    Not a troll


  17. You said fastest dude its been 3 minutes

  18. I genuinenly hate how to narrate this video like it's a fortnite compliation

  19. Jesus christ, what an obnoxious video with ridiculous amounts of ads.

  20. This magnus guy is the living definition of smug.

  21. 12:30 – Why didn't he take the knight with the light square bishop?

  22. "Magnus has the white pieces so he really needs to win this game” what does that statement mean 😭😭

  23. It's definitely russian voice on the background on the last game

  24. It's showing that lots of people out there has a chess potential but not into a tournament 😂

  25. That`s what I have always thought , Magnus Carlsen is a loser !

  26. narrating this like a crime documentary, you should be embarrassed. Cringe talk normal made the video unwatchable

  27. The best player in the world is Ding Ling. Not Magnus but he is certainly one of the all time greats

  28. Sometimes Magnus makes unconventional moves and puts himself in bad position just to make it a challenge

  29. holy shit the constant highlighting of each piece after every move is so fucking annoying

  30. I bet Magnus HATES you for making this video

  31. I still don't know how to play chess….

  32. Fast losses? Each one is like 20 mins!

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