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  1. I always thought the Nc7 fork was the fried liver attack

  2. Is it just me or are channels getting unsubscribed to randomly

  3. A fork is what I did to a person this morning and took his queen

  4. Him ur amazing
    Me we- well yeah
    Me in mind u told the moves tho😂😅

  5. To win in chess you just need the pale king's help…

  6. levy telling me that I'm amazing is something I never expected to happen

  7. Not gonna lie I didn't expect the checkmate threat. If the rook moves I would just skip the checkmtae without knowing ☠️

  8. This is why knights are my favorite pieces in chess!

    (Actually the first reason is because I like the cute Lil animals)

  9. You tell me I can beat everyone I know and then show me what a fork is?

    At this point Gotham is the equivalent to a mobile add.

  10. Levy in YT: You’re amazing😇
    Levy on steam: You guys are not good, I would never ask Chat for help with chess 😂

  11. Never knew how chess worked, this is pretty interesting tho

  12. Imagine you're just that one dude that lives next to Magnus Carlson.

  13. Thanks after watching this video I was able to mate me sister. Now I just wish she would play chess with me

  14. I gonna tell yall something here's how to win in 0 moves just make black team rage quit😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. The queen can actually take the knight if the person wanted to take the knight even though that would be a big mistake

  16. You are funny with “this is a fork”

  17. I always play chess by the “rule of backup” as I call it. Every piece in the front of my position has at a minimum 1 piece covering it from behind or beside. Is this a poor way of playing the game, or just under informed?

  18. My friend is elo 2000 and im 1200 how can I beat him?

  19. "This is how you can beat everyone you know"

    "This is a FORK"

  20. Once i forked a queen and a fork betweenbthe king and rook lmao it was a !! Move

  21. A chess board looks like a pyramid it makes me wonder what these Ancient Egyptians and Aliens were doing?

  22. levy’s difference in tone on shorts vs full videos 💀💀

  23. The thing is foreseeing a fork is the hard part 😔

  24. I would've taken the pawn in the first one 💀

  25. so then can you explain what's a spoon in chess?

  26. “you’re amazing” ?? who are you n what’d you do w levy

  27. instructions unclear queen has refused to talk to me for 3 days

  28. In the 1st fork if he takes with queen he wins material

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