The Gang Gets Roasted By Hikaru

WFM Alexandra Botez, WGM Qiyu Zhou, IM Levy Rozman and Hikaru play 4 player chess while roasting one another.

Alexandra Botez ➡️
GothamChess ➡️
Qiyu Zhou ➡️

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  1. Hikaru is like the cool kid in the group

  2. gotham has the worst piece development in every one of these

  3. 27:20 they were so serious analyzing the wrong board without a clue what was actually happening.

  4. How can Hikaru be so brilliant and yet so nearly normal?

  5. The game at 25:26 isn't mate because Nemsko could've checked Hikaru delaying mate for at least 1 turn by taking Hikaru's pawn with rook.

  6. Hikaru always has the last laugh in chess.

  7. Alexandra: I think Levy is scared of me.

    Levys Eyebrows:
    Flies Into Orbit

  8. 5:54 "Imma gonna get mated soon" yeah right before hikaru nails u with his bishop.

  9. 17:33 Levy thought he won because of time , actually got last place lol, also 21:16 why is the video cut ?

  10. at like 20:00 mins in….. is exactly what it looks like when a super GM acts like a 900 rated player 😀 Hikaru has a discovered attack on her queen, and the pain on her face when she says she just noticed seems like all my games "Let me attack the queen maybe they miss it 😀 "

  11. Why is Alexandra such a bitch to my dude Gotham

  12. He’s the best bullet player, expect him to be a side time wordomancer

  13. How bout Hikaru x Levy vs Any damn Super GM x Eric Rosen

  14. I love that Hikaru isn't even trying to roast. He's just being forthright. He continues to do this throughout the vid.

  15. i’m here for the levy and nemo banter! 😎

  16. Roas all of your friends when playing chess, so your opponents get distracted and they lose.

    -Hikaru Nakamura, the art of roasts

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  18. i didn't know chess had such ummm desirable looking women

  19. botez isn't exactly the primary threat but I guess they really wanted to mate her

  20. Enjoying Hikaru a lot, lately! What a man!!

  21. last moments🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Cnt blieve how bad they are at 4pc😅 compared to classic💀

  23. Rook e3 botez and u 2 win.. jeeez but u let hikaru check u and get checked again means 2 moves u will lose ypur pieces on levi …. anyways.. ggs is cool that u guys play 4pc

  24. Poor Levy, i was rooting for Harry the whole video. What a great stream.

  25. 15:20 "Oh its not the 8th rank?" Bro that's the seventh rank, the outside is only recessed three squares not four. You need to get to the opposing hemisphere.

  26. Guys i guess u should gam up again we all want to see more of this. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭😭.

  27. When a GM thinks too much about playing actual chess and loses on time to a player who 15:11 "just clicks things".

  28. Can´t belive No body is talking about how Botez won whit almost 100 points.

  29. Insane checkmate at the end 😂

  30. I always love me some Nemsko but she looks especially beautiful here. Like it drains my soul type shit

  31. When the suggested videos appear and UK smth is about to happen 😂😂

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