During the 4 Player stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Anish Giri, GM Vidit Gujrathi and IM Levy Rozman aka Gothamchess play 4 player chess while GM Teimour Radjabov tries to learn something.

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  1. Lmao, love the dynamics of this – Teimour is interviewing Hikaru, who is laughing at Anish's jokes, while Vidit is getting angry at Anish for not playing. 10/10 content

  2. Radjabov is contributing to the stream as that much that i Contribute in My Group Project.😂

  3. This video is fantastic, I regret so much I didnt watched it sooner!

  4. Teimour genuine looks scared for the future of HIS chess, while everyone is laughing at 4 player lol

  5. Oh Man! These grandmasters are even good at comedy. Especially Anish GIri.

  6. And of course, when you get anish on you guys draw

  7. Watching chess match can never bore anyone 🤯🤯🤯 it is great game

  8. Vidith!!!!
    The Stalemate!! XD
    I was laughing so hard hahahaha

  9. That's why in Spanish he's called "Tablish Giri", his mere presence invoked the draw. (The word for a chess draw in Spanish is "tablas").

  10. people from different continents are really good together in conversation

  11. 19:57 how does that do anything. hikaru moves his queen, levy moves his with checkmate, and its hikarus turn again. he can just retake the bishop but it doesn’t matter because the games over and they win

    am i missing something?

  12. 31:31 on the topic of magnus making chess content. i would for sure watch it. ive seen clips of him from who knows where and they seemed really funny. i would definitely be interested in watching him play

    edit: however they may not be good for magnus’s reputation in the long run. based of how the media views him now. im not sure if thats even an issue though. considering those media only look at him surface level for the most part.

  13. People won't watch classical tournament lol..

  14. Am I the only one that finds Radjabov just so akward? he's just asking questions with his annoying face

  15. hey know nodoby is going to respond nut i would lovr to know some new openings and how to win a tournament in middle game

  16. anish is pretty funny, little to high on sugar, but i'd smoke a joint with the guy

  17. I thought it was going to be Stockfish vs Komodo 🙂

  18. 34:30 Anish: "What?!?!" in other words, tell me how you accomplished that beautiful stalemate draw.

  19. A russian immigrant, a japanese origin naka,an INDIAN, Radjbov and we have a guy who represents all +DUTCH

  20. Anyone else out there whose really just terrible at chess, but wants nothing more than to be all of these guy's best friend? Just me?? Oh…

  21. Anish Giri is a comedian, not a chess player 😂

  22. Everyone seems to like the bottom right of the screen, weird.

  23. Vidit : AG we are friends right?
    Anish : For real?

  24. My 2 cents, get rid of the teaser spoilers at the start FFS

  25. The murky mailman unusually knit because himalayan proportionally realise outside a far relish. odd, secret ostrich

  26. Tejmur and Giri seems to be super cool guys.

  27. Stream with Anish in it is pristine content…

  28. I liek how Levy is in the cornor alone in the thumbnail

  29. Vidit is so annoyed seeing Anish keep talking and cannot focus on the game. 😅

  30. Vidit: You don't know if you're allowed to talk. This guy will be the death of me. LMAO!

  31. Love it how 4 geniuses just have plain youthful fun!

  32. 25:03 there are 2 stream going on, one is about the future of the world and another is just 4 dudes playing weird chess.. Mann these comedians

  33. the fact Radjabov couldnt grasp a promoted queen was only worth one like the pawn that made it..some gms are just dumb outside of chess and this is still chess yikes

  34. Teimour looking like Gerald from peep show 😂


  36. Anish saying what a troll got me on the floor laughing 😂

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