The Highest Rating On

Hikaru goes for his highest bullet rating on, and TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL was unfortunate enough to be directly in the way.


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  1. I just counted and during one of the games that wen on all the way to 1 minute and 58 seconds, he blinked only five times. The average human blinks every eight seconds and Hikaru's doing a third of that.

  2. I'm an 800, if I beat a 3000 player even once I'd probably gain 10k ELO

  3. I like how 3:49 rating is just number of his subs moved on 1 number on the left. Like 5423 -> 3542. 3 just placed in front. Beautiful

  4. Did anyone else find themselves rooting for TLTLTLTLTLTLTL to win just one game. FeelsBadMan

  5. Imagine clicking on yet another click bait Hikaru video. Put out some quality content please. You’re a really interesting dude who could teach so many chess players.

  6. Hikaru: “ .5 secs in… this is winning”

    Most others: “ Horsey goes neigh “

  7. Me: sees hikaru win every game.
    Oh I can do this too.
    Proceeds to lose against 600 rated player.

  8. Just so you know, chessnetwork (Jerry) had a blitz rating of 4200 back in 2008.

  9. what was the idea behind Ng6 in the final game?

  10. Not to brag but I'm the same rating in bullet. I'm just missing the 3.

  11. Didnt expect human will have a brain like u

  12. Hikaru finishing game in 1 minute I take 30 sec to realise e4 is a solid opening 😆😆😆

  13. hikaru such a wasteman, i saw him made an account and continuously play himself to get to 3500

  14. Magnus whispering into his ears, don't believe this guy

  15. its just amazing and humbling and inspiring to see this calibre of play .. I mean I can stare at a position for 10 mins and hang pieces n miscalculate all sorts of things just crazy how good these guys are

  16. hikaru: finally i hit 3550
    me: bro bro broooooooo omg i just hit 2305 😎

  17. wait what how does hikaru have 3500 rate (i forgot the name) but when im watching the chess leaderboards hes not there

  18. i like how i cant play a bullet game without running out of time and hikaru can win with 25+ seconds left 😂😂😂

  19. “G4 is a 1500 level move” that hurt my feelings 💀💀

  20. I watch Hikaru and sometimes think *ah rookie mistake, he should of played this instead*, and then I realize, he's a super gm, surely he knows what hes doing better than I do

  21. Me tryharding 2.5k games hes just speedrunning 3ks

  22. imagine farming 3k rated players, couldn't be me (prolly becouse i'm raten 158 elo)

  23. According to the ELO calculator, if Hikaru drew a game here, it'd be about -9. A loss would be -19. Against a 3080 rated player. And he gets a single miserable point per win. Jesus, the hill is so insanely steep 🤯

  24. I Seen Magnus Carlsen One Game Got 3700 Rating So I'm Looking Here If Someone Really Beat It

  25. Anybody notice he played the same guy the whole video

  26. Dude never learns from his mistakes at the opening

  27. I get farmed by players with rating 1 and I also farm a 2000 player who is actually playing at the “Learning the rules” level (100)

  28. I started playing chess 4 days ago, I’m at 900, the chasm between myself and Hikaru is insane, it’s such a marvel to watch him play chess, I just watched Magnus vs Hikaru scc where Hikaru staved off a 14.5-13.5 and it was incredible, it’s so amazing how many nuisances there are to a board with pieces of plastic or wood, and to someone who likes challenges, I’m fucking hooked, Hikaru is the man and it was amazing watching him being the underdog, and now watching him as you guys say “farm” other world class chess players shows there is just levels to this art of playing this game, I’m so intrigued by it, I’m so fucking mad I didn’t join chess club when I was in school out of fear of ridicule, I always respected it from afar but it’s my new hobby lol 😂

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