The Lone King Wins! || Agadmator vs Hikaru Nakamura (Teams) || 4 Player Chess

On June 24th, Agadmator, IM Levy Rozman and WGM Qiyu Zhou and Hikaru all played 4 player chess. This is an excerpt. (please follow the twitch channel – the next 4 player chess will include GM Aryan Tari, Norway #2)

In this video:
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WGM Qiyu Zhou ➡️

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  1. I actually go jebaited thinking it was an agad video.

  2. “ey am gouing to creepple hikaru” HAHAHAH I CACKLED

  3. This is awesome. And I know why. All this chemistry: "I need a therapist" "Or some theory". It's what writers try to achieve plus adding intrigue. But here intrigue is on the board and chemistry is the "banter". And the intrigue is uncontrollable. It's so complex only the simplest tactics work before the opportunity is all gone and random hunches dictate the next freefloating coincidence. Social poetry spiced with intelligence attacked by blunders.

  4. Didn't I hear Hikaru say don't be in line with opposing king when pushing pawns 🙂

  5. What's each of their chess ratings? I think Levi is a 2400-2600. I'm not sure what Antonio is or the lady. Sorry, my eyes aren't good enough to read her name.

  6. Love that scholar's mate in the beginning. Even more funny that Levy was the one who saw it first.

  7. bruh this was lowkey toxic from hikaru espicially, they were being so mean to Levy. Like why are they so mean, unbelivable

  8. The funniest thing in this game was double cheak I mean when one piece fork 2 kings on like 16:46 cheak and threat back cheak

  9. Watching a Chess Grandmaster try to move to a non existent square @ 29:41 == priceless

  10. Dabbing Goat (edited) ———— ^ see

  11. Is this the most ambitious crossover in the history of chess YouTube or what?

  12. I pray for Levi's mental health every time I watch one of these. lol Why was Antonia going in on him too, he's on your team ffs. 🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  13. GMs not expecting stalemate, like what else, just skip turns for blue till he can somehow move his King again ? 😂😂

  14. So hard to watch because of how intense it was with all the mistakes… made it so enjoyable. Many laughs

  15. Qiyu is all about "beauty". She's so beautiful pog

  16. Levy: breathes
    Hikaru: why are you so bad at this game

  17. Qiyu: Should I protect your pawn?
    Hikaru: Nonononononnonono no no no. No.
    Qiyu: Doesn't protect his pawn.
    Hikaru: Why'd you do that?! Now he just takes my pawn.

  18. I am Blown away ,i made this board when i was 17 , when me and a mate where talking about in the smoko room 4 player chess, i made the board and painted the pieces, and we used to play it , exact same board ,and when a player got checkmate we just removed the king, and left the rest of the pieces on the board, i can't believe it's actually a thing now , that was back in 1997 and i tried to get a copyright but it was too expensive , so i gave up .

  19. Hikaru roasting Levy for 54 minutes straight

  20. i was like, why are the the two GMs in the same team?, and then i realize, it was like a japan vs rusia theme they have on.

  21. The smart semicircle unexplainably wreck because baseball supposedly destroy afore a goofy fiberglass. amused, special crayon

  22. I don't know man,it's kinda racist to call her jew always

  23. you Had to kill gotham chess in that match

  24. Lmfao
    Hikaru getting his king the fuck outta dodge and agad goes "he wants to castle"

  25. 4:12 I assume Blue is going to go in on that knight towards Yellow, because Yellow has to immediately deal with the green bishop. and then if red doesn't deal with the blue knight attacking the yellow king it's over. 4:15 Okay so he did, WHOOSH. 16:02 I missed he has a third pawn that could have moved in on green king at some point. 17:10 Wow, blue is stuck, and they stalemated using the red rook. Red blundered a lot in that game. wow what a Long like 15 Minute First Game.
    30:00 ish minutes in i'm waiting for the blue bishop to help get the yellow king but it's still parked by the red king, it just needs 2 moves to get in there. There is an opening down by green for a light square bishop. I guess game two is done again, me staring at Hikaru's board and options, has left me blind to blue again.

  26. So many blunders this was obv staged for the title.

  27. Bruh… chiu nemsko is soooooooooo bad jezus🤣🤣🤣 just listen tu hikaru knows best in any way vs chiu

  28. Alright sorry guys it hurts to watch!! Thnx 4 playing 4pc tho hoop to see you play beter in the future .. its not that hard guys just keep in mind move order and if u attack the player in your right your tm8 can take advantage and also attack that same person if the tm8 of the 1 getting attacked can't help or defend … i will check next year if u guys still playing and hopefully do better !! And insted if only fello steamers mybe just stream on your own with a random team mate 💜🤙🏼

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