The Northernlion Live Super Show! (December 16th, 2020)

Docket: Spelunky 2 / 4 Player Chess



  1. Bumper episode! 4 player spelunky 2 though is pogified chaos. I'd love Ryan, Dan and Malf to play it!
    Just noticed this whole episode is just 2 games. 4 player chess….well I'm at least intrigued to see how that works.

  2. it was really funny watching Robert be an agent of chaos in spelunk

  3. "If you expect me to recognize mating patterns then you are mistaken" -> and that is why you are single.

  4. I can feel Ryan's pain at the Robert section. I know its a game, but the goal of the game is clearly different for him.

  5. 4 player spelunky is amazing. If only isaac had online. NL FREAKING CLUTCH during that final olmec fight

  6. Been consistently watching for about 2 and a half years now and I think your crew has ruined the rest of twitch and YouTube gaming for me.

    Sincere thanks

  7. "LOOK AT THIS SHIT… what the faack!" – nl reaction is POGGED to the extreme funny stuff people

  8. 4 player spelunky is absolutely god tier i need more of it

  9. Ryan running past a landmine to trigger it and then running back onto it to blow up the run and leave Robert alone was weirdly pog

  10. 4 players + Chess sounds like the perfect recipe for crabs in a bucket strats

  11. Great gameplay in this one!
    I never knew chess could be that funny. 😝

  12. Cant wait to watch some new spelunky videos where he uses the new tech he learned here 😀

  13. i love every NLSS, but 4 way spelunky got me to excitement levels i thought i lost in my teens

  14. Four player Spelunky is pogged out of this universe. Totally game of the year, thank you Derek Yu and thank you NL! Definitely going to wrangle my friends for this one.

  15. Man, non politicized Rob is amazing. A return to form, thankfully before he became all radicalized. Such a refresher.

  16. Even here the jet pack trauma makes its appearance.

  17. Please do more spelunky 2 co-op! This was so fun to watch! ☺️

  18. This whole stream was top quality entertainment. Gigantic pog!

  19. In the trash compactor stage, if you go to the subspace, the trash chunks will fall and break and will have ropes and bombs in them occasionally. So its a good idea to go back there and try to stock up if you have the time.

  20. how does death work in spelunky 2 multiplayer? do they lose if they all are dead at once?

  21. 56:00 "i'm not gonna get in the way"

    immediately jumps under olmec who baer is clearly about to destroy

    absolutely amazing segment

  22. One player should just always be the ghost offers so much utility and reduces the chaos of four sociopaths murdering each other at every turn

  23. both the spelunky 2 and the chess were extremely poggers content

  24. Spelunky 4 player is 10/10, please do more.

  25. I used ti imagine playing a game of chess like this when I was a kid but we never actually sat down and tried to do it. This was a wild one. 4 player Spelunky is good chaos too, I had a lot of fun with this one.

  26. Honestly best NLSS for me in a while. 4 player spelunky is POG AF

  27. NL: I'm not going to get in the way.
    moves away from the obvious place to drop Olmec
    Everyone else: I'm gonna drop Olmec RIGHT HERE.

  28. 4 player spelunky is really good but lets not sleep on that pawn move bm in the last game

  29. All the chess stuff is SO good for sleeping, never talks to chat and occasionally 10-15 seconds of literally just tapping noises.

  30. I don't normally like chess all that much but this 4 player chess and the hand and brain chess are both v good

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