The Worst Chess Game Mathematically Possible

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  1. Dang, I haven't studied my three-knight mates

  2. "oh there is a spider on my wall " 😂😂😂😂

  3. I swear that was my little brother's game on my account? Hmmmm!

  4. but levy the grob is my main repetoire

  5. If I got a dollar every time he said “But remember, Stockfish is playing the worst possible move” –

  6. i started crying watching this, not because of the match but because i started eating 2 1 chip challenges

  7. I almost threw up listening to that sequence

  8. When the anime protagonist gets a 0% on a true or false test

  9. This is NOT the worst chess game possible. Stockfish only evaluates a position given the best following moves. Here we're not trying to force captures but only making moves that give the less winning options against someone who's trying to win. Very different !!

  10. new chess gamemode: you win by losing.time still makes you lose

  11. The spider at 14:30 was so important Levy had to stop talking about the 4 horses

  12. I mean yeah it wasn't my best game but i wouldn't call it the worst game possible mathematically

  13. It’s not the worst game. Stock fish is calculating to lose from a table of winning moves. Imagine if it could calculate the best moves to force the enemy to mate or eat your pieces

  14. I love the "oh a spider is on my wall"

  15. "Oh there's a spider on my wall"-gothem chess

  16. The eval bar is seriously motion-sick after all that

  17. This makes me feel good. Makes my games look good

  18. This feels like 2 people are arguing to let the other person win

  19. I loved this video, thanks! Cheers from Brazil!

  20. It's so funny how the engine bar keeps going to the opposite side every move! 😅

  21. So apparently the worst possible opener is bum rushing your opponent with your king? But I've seen human played games on your channel where they do that and win! At… Like 200 elo level?

    I absolutely love the bar just swinging like a teeter totter in favor of whoever has the current turn

  22. doesn't that mean that alpha-beta pruning needs to be reversed? making it inefficient? I assume the max depth of this has to be like 3.

  23. 6:43 is a perfect example of worstfish’s flaws. If it was a person who knew they were playing a bot told to loose and they wanted to play the move that would end with themselves in a worse position they would take b4 with the queen and force the king or bishop to take it

  24. It's interesting how this really is "the worst next move", not "the worst play overall". The reason it promotes to knights (even when it has to capture to do so) is that doing so throws away the possibility of promoting to a queen, weakening the position a lot immediately. If it was going for the worst overall play, promoting to a knight later would be as good (bad?) as promoting to one now, so there would be no need to eat a capture to hurry.

  25. Fun fact:
    I'm better and worse than my friend.
    We played a game, where we try to make worst possible move, if you can mate in 1, you lose.
    I won. Or I lost. But I won in this rules. And i'm stronger than him.

  26. Why is this video a jojo reference, look at the names of the sections XD

  27. Wow , never knew I was a GM in finding the worst moves 😂

  28. Whith all the knight promotions the board turned into Mongolia

  29. Levy: "now you gotta remember that the worst possible move is being played" x 10000000

  30. Levy: are you still watching because this is nuts

    Me: checks the time

  31. Phew I thought this was going to be one of my games


  33. What about: Stockfish playing the worst move that doesn't give the opponent a mating sequence

  34. What's wrong with the game ending in a draw? It SHOULD end in a draw!

  35. Great concept, great execution, +1 for "chessically"!

  36. “White plays the enterprising queen e4 with the intentional of losing it”😂

  37. 09:03 You expecting me, a 350 ELO player to see that mate in 10? Nah.

  38. 8:36

    The fact that Levy can call every position with the pieces and with extreme accuracy it’s fascinating. If you watch a bit after that he does it all again but faster. My god this man is disciplined.

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