THEY TEAMED UP ON ME | 4 Player Chess with Hikaru, Agadmator, & GothamChess

Another 4-player chess fiasco with @GothamChess @GMHikaru and @agadmator

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  2. Eric please do this more often, this is peak entertainment!

  3. is no one really going to talk about antonio's shirt?

  4. My favorite part of the video is when he referenced Chael Sonnen at 4:06

  5. That chael sonnen reference by levy got lost on everyone 🤣

  6. 4 of you are hilarious together! Hikaru's facial expressions, Antonio's explanations, Levy's face and (my celebrity crush) Eric's voice are gold! Should do more videos together. Also, ive got the same wall as Eric.

  7. Levy: "I cannot speak on behalf of all participants; but I know that, for myself, I am not stoned."

    * Hikaru shift uncomfortably *

  8. Agamator missed so many chances… Moving the pawn forward to the diagonal of hikaru’s makes a free queen cuz if hikaru captures, he loses a real queen for a fake one

  9. 6:22 THE BEST MOMENT IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!!! (A few seconds after it, BUT) 😂🤣😂🤣

  10. gotham and hikaru are such bum chums trying to raise hikarus rating. you and agadmator should team up on them in all future games. quick and easy…

  11. Gotham's the guy in multiplayer games who is really good at talking other people into attacking threats that aren't him.

  12. 06:25
    Eric : I have no idea what i'm doing….
    Levy, an intelectual : No!No!Stop!

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  14. The way all 3 hunted down Eric reminds me of the way Germany lost the war at its best😂

  15. Is that a threat?? That had me dieing bro 🤣 great vids

  16. GothamChess doing those accents mocking Agadmator is super cringey

  17. "I barely even move man". Haha. Sad state of most chest geeks.

  18. NYC HAS so many great restaurants. It's chock-full of authentic chefs from the actual places that they make food from, and it shows in the quality of the food.

  19. Eric's setup at the beginning was like a skyscraper dominating over bungalows.

  20. Antonio: Actually focusing on game
    Hikaru, Eric, and Levy: “I wonder if UberEats has a helicopter.”

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  22. hikaru, u sarcastic bro, ohh dear erik

  23. Where the hell do you play this? looks great

  24. they Left Rosen To Watch the Match Without he Participating It Is The Real Deal!!!

  25. I always have 4 fav characters in anything i watch be it series or movie…guess i have found my 4 favourites in chess too..

  26. He need 4 queens that is cold bro 🥶 🧊

  27. "I feel like Antonio can press 200 kilos" "I barely even move, man" 😂

  28. 4:15 " good knight " meaning the one you still have on the board. 🙂

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