This Chess Variant Should NEVER Be Played With Four Players

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  1. Bro why is the Jainism symbol so bad now a-days???

  2. You should’ve taken the queen trade because it would’ve resulted in winning a knight or queen

  3. You sound like the Kilian Experience. Sweet

  4. Play it with 4 players, but turn it 45 degrees

  5. Ok but, this game might actually be fun in 4 players

  6. Hikaru finding the forced mate in 69

  7. I'm new to the channel and I'm loving it! It's soo good to have this kind of chess variations

    It remembered me a game that uses a lot of chess concepts and it's very pretty. Think it's called Chessarama

    Would love to see u playing it and teaching me how to pass the challenges ⊙﹏⊙∥

  8. Why cabt you play with 4 players?

    Are you afraid of snakes?


    . . .

    Dont tell me that you meant thit the Adofl way…

  9. 1:48 he didnt blunder the knight it was pinned he couldnt save it

  10. Half of the people don't know what he means but Hail hit-

  11. I had an idea to play 4 games on such a board

  12. When watching I become depressed because his sub count is 9.99k unlike 9.99M which is what it should

  13. Play Standard Chess Game Guys. You All Lose. I Win.

  14. fun fact:
    because this is a 6×8, it will not look like a swastika with 4 players

  15. Next idea: Make a custom king that can make the movements of the pieces you lost before
    It can only use those movements to move, not capturing anything

  16. make a board which goes underneath of it self like a moubius strip.

  17. Congrats on 10K! You really really deserve it

  18. Is there any way to play on these custom chess boards???

  19. Sadly,you can only find the 4 player version in Germany

  20. its should be for 4 player, i meab even if 2 more add in it wont be a swatiska because lacking or vertical side for each

  21. But what about an 8 player version…..

  22. Maybe we can have an 8 player version……

  23. Alternatuve to Chess that's way shorter but has way more (8) players?

  24. Ah, the windmill, a great way to indicate that you're from late 1930-s to 40-s Germany…

  25. Levy probably won’t be invited to the four player match…

  26. guys I have no idea what the title means. I mean it must be something really wholesome right?

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