This Young Boy Has A Question For Hikaru Nakamura

It was the final day of the Qatar Masters 2023 and GM Nodirbek Yakubboev beats GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov in tie-breaks to win the championship. After the games were over, it was time for the prize distribution. We saw the players in a fun mood and some of them even indulged in some quick fun games.

Video: ChessBase India
Created by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. Boy "Hey kind sir how to be the best player in my school?"
    Hikaru "Curb stomp them, now resign from my face"

  2. Boy :- any inspirational line that u keep in mind?
    Hikaru :- takes, takes, takes, he takes ,i take and am finding checkmate in 42 moves

  3. Has hikaru been on a diet? Bro is looking fit

  4. 03:03 😢😢😢 😭 ❤❤❤ They look so good together…. Why am i crying 😭❤

  5. Cool! 😎 Great to see the fans get to meet some of their chess heros.

  6. Kid: Is there any saying that motivates you?
    Hikaru: Takes, takes, takes and is gg why not

  7. Setting his pieces up for a skittles game of FischeRandom!

  8. ❤❤Good shot, wonderfull and intresting❤❤❤

  9. i can feel the good vibes, everybody seems very friendly

  10. Lol Eric randomly talking about Scrabble

  11. "Well kid, you see the thing is…I literally don't care. And when you grow up, you won't either."

  12. Amazing content..we want more of this type

  13. Clickbait master . It's just 10 seconds of him asking but you make 6mins video on that .Lmao peak of stupidity


  15. this is what playing chess tournament has always been for me, when it’s over after tough 9 rounds and everyone is gathered waiting for the prize ceremony and having friendly games and laughs with each other

  16. Hikaru 's face tells a thousand words 😂😂😂

  17. Kid: Any saying that motivates you?
    Hikaru: when it get complicated, then just castle

  18. I don't know if there's a saying (that motivates me but it's more) the pursuit of trying to be as good as you can. The pursuit of the challenge (is what motivates me).

  19. I bet …they are playing with a bet!!!! 😅

  20. Hikaru is playing Fischer random

  21. Abdusattorov is such a good sport. My deepest admiration to him!

  22. 6:00 what is your motto lol there is so many Ben Finegold lines to reply with there

  23. Boy-Any inspirational quote?
    Hikaru- takes,takes,takes,this takes that,(looks at the ceiling) and checkmate!

    Hikaru said calmly.

  24. Hikaru wanted to punch him but refrained because that kid looked taller and heavier than him

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