Three Man Chess is head-to-head-to-head mental combat.

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The world’s greatest strategy game just got better with Three Man Chess.

An ingenious circular board featuring a center “zero space” allows three players to duel it out without sacrificing any of the rules of traditional chess.

Lateral moves sweep around the arc of the board, enabling sneak attacks. A diagonal piece can pass through the center and with a clear path can even return to its starting position. And a single move can result in the checkmate of both your opponents!

Three Man Chess includes a fold-up board and three sets of pieces.


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  1. Chess pros: chess is ez
    Chess pros watching this: mental damage

  2. I remember seeing something like this in chees club except it was a pentagon and also I want it

  3. I dont get chess but i can play checkers

  4. Why must you hurt me in this way

  5. Try hexagons

    Hexagons are the bestagons

  6. I know a lot about just but this made things more complicated

  7. So, if you knockout someone’s king, do they keep there pieces on the board, keep playing with what they have, or just remove off all their pieces?

  8. what if there was a 10 player chess game

  9. If two-player chess wasn't complicated

  10. But where's the serpent and the old woman? What about the grand empress with the powers of the Queen, the knight and the serpent.

  11. I don't have enough friends to play this

  12. this is the biggest update since the time they added a queen

  13. Vat19: makes a 3 player chess
    4 player chess: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  14. Me thinking what if there are 4 players

  15. Almost as complicated as threesome relationships

  16. The north pole of chess planet: where the grandmaster kingdoms send their defeated opponents to toil away in pure mental strain for all eternity.

  17. “Plastic chess board” looks at the price $50????

  18. Now I wanna way 5d 3-man chess with multiverse time travel

  19. three man chess just makes the already complicated chess even m o r e complicated.

  20. I am not gonna lie this looks kinda easy to me

  21. Is there such a thing as 9-person 3-dimensional chess?

  22. This video didn't even get the rules correct. You cannot move a piece on a diagonal past the corner of the arched lines on the back row. Therefore, you cannot move on an arched line diagonal to complete a full circuit to end up on the square you started from like they said here. Duh!

  23. What tf where you guys at Vat19 smoking?

  24. What you learn in class: checkers

    What is on the homework: normal chess.

    What is on the test: this

  25. i watched 2 videos of these and im still lost lol, theres too much to absorb here

  26. My friends is seriously into chess and I’m going to ask him to play this with other people for several hours straight

  27. 1:15 Maybe you should spend less time trash talking and more time watching your flank LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  28. If there is a 4 man chess make the gray piece silver colored and make the other pieces gold colored and leave the white and black pieces untouched

  29. I hate the guy that gives tactics while I'm playing chess tho.

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