Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings

Everyone loves an aggressive chess opening so I thought I would create a list of my top 7 aggressive openings. Enjoy.

#7 Danish Gambit 0:16
#6 Cochrane Gambit 1:28
#5 Scotch Gambit 2:51
#4 King’s Gambit 3:40
#3 Halloween Gambit 5:31
#2 Latvian Gambit 6:53
#1 Fried Liver Attack 8:00


  1. Halloween Gambit is actually incredibly hard to defend. Especially at the intermediate level. I probably win at a higher rate with that than any other Gambit, not that I'm such an aggressive player in slow chess, but in blitz I just wanna have fun sometimes

  2. I am here cuz I had a tournament in a few minutes💀💀💀

  3. Anyone here after watching The Danish Gambit?

  4. High people: cocaine gambit the best😂😂

  5. Just me or this guy has the weather report voice hahahha

  6. I didnt know ive been playing using the liver attack i though it was difficult to set up and i see a bishop in the mix for it to work makes me feel light headed

  7. Anyone here NOT because of queens gambit?

  8. At 0.49 why black Bishop didn't check mate?

  9. I am very aggressive I sacrifice my king on multiple occasions

  10. today and without even knowing i did thr 6th opening because i was just like naaaah that too boring let just lose the knight

  11. Always giving up materials and tell you "It's the best opening" – ni66a y.r??😒

  12. Vegeta openings. Very agressive openings. Not necessarily effective.

  13. Would love to see more in depth videos from you. This is extremely situational because most are just 1 specific reply from the opponent. Would be great to see full in depth guide on each opening.

  14. All of them work for me! A job well done!

  15. Haloween Is My Favourite Opening Sice I Haven't Watch This I Can't Believe It In This

  16. Seems to me like just about every damn chess opponents opening is aggressive 🤬

  17. my personal favorite is the knuckle cracker finger twister london bridge is falling down fried calamari nuclear bomb spaghetti defense.

  18. Problem with the fried liver attack is literally everyone knows it.

  19. #4 is utter bullshit, they always counter you with Queen h4 and you end up losing the rook.
    👎🏼 worst video ever

  20. What happens if black doesn’t open with king pawn the whole plan out the window 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. E4 is by far my favorite opening move as white. I don’t know openings hardly at all, but I do know that I tend to gravitate to the Scotch and Ruy Lopez. If I am playing as black and white plays E4 on me, I almost always go to a Scandinavian. Would love to know peoples thoughts on the Scandinavian as an aggressive opening! I’m only about a 1000 ELO so am constantly trying to learn more!

  22. Don’t you hated when your opponent don’t play the the moves you watched on this video

  23. Get to the point… I have to play in 30 mins. Do not show examples of things you do not recommend. Waste of time

  24. Queens gambit , french diffence , pirc defence , evans gambit and C4 veriation

  25. i lose my queen from the start thinking I'm being aggressive

  26. You forgot the best opening: trash talking.

  27. The title is giving up material not aggressive openings

  28. I've played the latvian so much recently. Really fun games

  29. New to chess. Everytime I try these openings I have no idea what to do when the other player makes moves that don't work. I just get brutalized lol😅

  30. the halloween gambit always win to turkish players

  31. 2:41 Uhm I need to find the video for this opening
    What's the name if that video?

  32. My boyfriend challenges me to a game of Chess a lot only because he knows he’ll win every single time. I’m here to change that, babe. Embrace your future failure!

  33. At 3:57 why would the black side not just move the queen to H4?

  34. So alien gambit is not new and its called the Cochrane gambit.

  35. Can you tell us about the legend of the king and the indian guy that wanted rice for chess?? pls

  36. For the danish gambit, after you play bc4, what if instead of taking ur pawn they play bishop b4? Then after they can push the pawn forward and reveal check the king. Happened to me and I got screwed. I saw the reveal check coming but not much options anyway

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