TWO MOVE CHECKMATE?! | 4 Player Chess (Teams)

You guys probably don’t know this, but I like to play chess for fun 😀
I thought it could be interesting to record a few games of 4 player chess when I was playing with friends. I know there are some people who watch my videos who are better at chess than I am (because they played with me and beat me grr) but I hope you enjoy the games nonetheless.
Enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. you should post some regular chess too! 🙂

  2. Omg this is so cool! I just got into online chess myself earlier this week after watching the netflix show lol. And the ToS music in the background

  3. Really loved the intro, it seems so professional 😀

  4. As soon as I started getting into chess this is uploaded 2 days later

  5. You're a lot easier to hear here than most of your tos vids, I watch most on a laptop and admittedly sometimes it's a bit hard to hear the audio in those

  6. Wow I thought the channel name was bugged since I'm subbed to a lot of chess channels

  7. Holly why don't you use the intro for the tos videos also?
    It's pretty cool intro and it will keep the consistency 👌.

  8. Your level of skill is just too good for me. Like I can't even comprehend your level of play.

  9. never queenside castle in 4 player chess
    i have learned my lesson

  10. Question: what time are you usually on town of Salem so I can play with you

  11. that first checkmate lmaoo. thats why you never play f3 if you know the meme of it. well thats not f3 on this board but who cares

  12. Chess? Holly? My dreams have come true

  13. Holly, I didn’t know you played chess…pog

  14. Careq just activated his 7000 IQ for that moment

  15. Blue could have stopped you from being checkmated by checking yellow. (Sacing his queen). Then yellow would not have been able to go in with their queen. Then you could have taken red queen and it would be relatively even

  16. I’ve never played chess in 4 players it seems cool but my brain would be melted

  17. oh man I've been playing chess for 5 years and just started watching you about 4 months ago. You should post more! You're really good! Would enjoy seeing some more content!

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