typical low elo four player chess is a chaotic game of lies, deception, and betrayal

and i love it

alternate title: four player chess is an entire anime arc

player usernames have been censored at the request of one of the players of this game.

Not 800 or 600 elo chess, not bullet chess, not chess but it’s baka mitai deepfaked, but it is a good video, so you might as well watch it


  1. Ironically yellow would have lost in 4 moves if Blue didn’t have mercy

  2. You have already blundered, you just don't know it!

  3. this is the best thing to happen to chess since the en passant patch

  4. So this is how Indians played chess a long time ago……

  5. Why do I keep watching this stuff I don’t even know how to chess liek—

  6. Kid That Works For The FBI (Undercover SCP agent) says:

    FFA Pokemon Showdown or Final Four in Among Us be like

  7. I already lost it when it said “development in progress” with the kahoot theme

  8. I wish it ended in green losing because of the betrayal but I guess we don't always win (I was voting for blue)

  9. as 4pc expert just love it make on Teams also if possible

  10. I like how this is like every chess game, the start is so chill and calm and then comes mid game

  11. Thang Máy Gia Đình Sáng Nghiệp says:

    rook and queen check mate

  12. Gotta love how green just sat back and watched three idiots toss away material like idiots

  13. I wonder how long he waited in the queue

  14. general rule of thumb in 4pc: dont ever open the centre in the opening!!!!

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