Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess

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#ludwig #magnuscarlsen #chess


  1. it's so surreal watching magnus and ludwig after i have picked up chess and know how crazy this man is.

  2. First time waching this chanel and "BoYs"😂

  3. Alexandra slipped a bit of romanian there

  4. 5:54 wouldnt knight to c6 be checkmate in 3? Because then when pawn takes c6 bishop goes c6 then king is forced to move or protect on d7, then white queen goes d7? Or no

  5. The perfect strat is to trade all the pieces as fast as possible, then just spam pawn and king and wait for magnus to win the endgame.

  6. Ludwig: Queebishopawn…. Which one did you hear magnus?

    Magnus: I heard King 👑 😂🤣🤣

  7. How to know your succesful.

    1. You got money

    2. Your famous.

    3. Your Playing with the number 1 chess player for fun

  8. 8:52 I would have Loved them to en Passant Just so Ludwig could have Missed Mate in 1.

  9. If Magnus Carlsen was drunk, it would be a impossible to win afterwards.

  10. Why did Magnus/Ludwig resign game 2, the position is equal?

  11. "Shut up and think" – Magnus to Ludwig, lmao.

  12. Magnus looks like a badly edited pog at the begining. xD

  13. Is it only me who saw lil bit tension at the end of the video uff.

  14. Hey don't cut moves. Just fast foward them

  15. The botez sister ar form Romania ? 😅 She said Termina in romanian with it means finis

  16. so this is the first time ludwig used that outro huh. damnnn, it's been so longggg

  17. Ludwig: "We are in tight waters, Magnus…..I'm just gonna have to trust your instincts"
    Magnus: "whatever piece you say I turn it into gold"
    What a guy!!

  18. Love the breath of the wild music in the background

  19. Whenyour so bad at chess the world champ cant even save you 😭🤣🤣 them first 2 rounds were somthin

  20. Ngl I clicked this video expecting him to use the magnus carlsen bot

  21. Magnus needed for this one, comprehensible

  22. 0:50 AAAAAAA THEY SHOULDNT KNOW!!!!!! You should use magnus like stockfish!!! IT WAS RIGHT THERE

  23. I never imagined Magnus will be this fun 😂 the guy is hilarious

  24. “Quebishopknightpawn.“ – “I heard King tbh“ 😂😂

  25. how is he this restarted even when being told the piece to move

  26. 6:30
    That shared expression I had with Magnus is the closest I'll ever come to his skill level 😂😂

  27. First 2 moves reveals positive counter opening

  28. Is there botw music or am i tweaking

  29. Magnus has such a privilege, to play with the G.O.A.T Ludd lol

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