Well THAT got intense – 4 player chess

This game was a well-fought battle on all sides. It also, I believe, sets the record for the longest time all four players have stayed alive on this channel.


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  1. bro, u could eat his red queen with your pawn

  2. Awesome video! I don't usually watch chess videos but these are so cool.

  3. He already lost ability to castle. Both rooks had moved

  4. Chess is cool and fun but not alot of people play it but great video

  5. Why didn't you take the red Queen with the pawn at 17:20? Or am I missing something?

  6. Bro blew up faster than my dad ran to the storw

  7. Yeah, I’m very glad to have found your channel: this is such a nice, chill vibe where someone is calmly taking on an intense yet, somehow, totally inconsequential game? It’s like… I can easily choose to either feel the drama of each move or the chill of it just being a game. Perfect bedtime material – I swear, if you keep making these videos, they will suddenly blow up as people have a bank of chilled out games to put on in the background whilst they wind down to get some rest. Love it. Thank you for uploading, I really appreciate it. All the best ☺️✌️

  8. Fun fact: In every video, He hungs a queen or not taking a queen!! 17:50

  9. Love the vids please keep up the great work! 🙂 love the DailyDoseOfInternet type feel.

  10. Wow it's great that you have 900 subs now! Ĺast time I remember you had somewhat 600 subs

  11. i dunno how many people are making 4 way chess videos these days (i remember seeing a couple in the past by a GM i think), but i like that you're somehow constantly keeping track of so much. bishops and queens seem to have way too much power in this version, and it seems rooks don't get to shine nearly as much.

  12. missed attack, you xould have taken red queen with your rook pawn at 18:00

  13. 6.20 red Dont see freequeen😂, 17.20 green just Miss free queen

  14. I'm about 80 games in on 4pc [~1500 so far], it sure is easier to watch than play.

  15. Hahaha.. that was me playing red, i keep mis clicking. Still playing on my phone,
    My cellular data signal killed me on Timer.

  16. I usually just immobilize my opponents with strategic checks and defend any checks on my king, then let my opponents kill each other while i build my defenses further. Works pretty well. At 1700 with just 5-6 games played

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