What The Fork is Spell Chess?

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  1. As some one who plays both clash and chess I think this is pure chaos 😂

  2. can you lower the prices of your book in india

  3. Need to replace the king and queen pawns with pieces called Bureaucrats that can only move to any open space on the board.

    It is super fun and changes things a lot. The Bureaucrats don't ever capture anything they just get in the way.

  4. When he said “With out the queen aren’t nobody gonna cook Gotham” man goosebumps 😂💪🏼

  5. Dear GothamChess u missed a free win at 11:34 you can use the green potion on pawn to just kill the queen

  6. I think the best new chess variant is 5D Chess. It is absolutely mind-blowing.

  7. "video games get updates per weeks"
    Minecraft, vallorant, counter-strike: 💀

  8. 26:26 Can't he just freeze G3 then take the queen with king. If he moves with bishop h3 take with king again?

  9. Did Botez sisters honorifically made you a Botez brother after that queen move?:)))

  10. 29:19 cant the black just play pawn to b5 and freeze a3 wouldn't it just win the queen?

  11. 29:49 bishop b5 and freeze on d7 lets you capture king next move.

  12. I was hoping "spell chess" meant the board is covered by letters (like a Scrabble or Boggle board) and players take turns moving their standard chess pieces to claim letters and use those to spell words.

  13. i may ou may not consider to add spells to my chess game 👀

  14. 24:29 and i think if your king goes h1, his queen goes h5 you use a green spell and take his queen with a bishop…🤨🧐

  15. Chess finally had a update after centuries 💀

  16. 24:57

    queen a4 check, king f8, bishop spell 6d horse e5, king d8, queen e8, he freeze queen and horse g6

  17. It was incredible watching Levy learn how to play chess. Such a different experience

  18. i was hoping it would be oats's version

  19. Gotham, when did you get 1500 Elo? This was like five months ago.

  20. In my experience the Bb4 opening is good but the Qh5 stuff is bad

  21. @15:00 Qh4 could bd met with Rook takes using the jump over spell

  22. Some games get updates every week, one word tf2

  23. Missed win at like 12 minute something where you couldve used rook to take king

  24. Did he just play c3 opening? And yet he complains when his bot does?!

  25. Anyone knows if he ever played Shotgun King?

  26. I love how Levy just entered the mind of a worse player and now he knows how people feel at lower ELO

  27. Good joke Gothem, What The FORK, as in a knight FORKing, good one.

  28. Теперь мы знаем как играет чат gpt

  29. 31:30 this position is winning for white. White can freeze black's queen and play b4, kicking the bishop, and then next move can use jump spell to capture black's queen with the rook

  30. Tf2 is the chess of popular multiplayer games

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